Beauty Mart: Flawless Face Event

Hey guys this is such a late blog post as I literally just got back from abroad. I really should have posted this the day I got back from the amazing Beauty Mart workshop I attended with the amazing Antonia Burrell and one of my favourite makeup artists Daniel Sandler. The workshop was based down at the Hoxton Hotel, which is just such a beautiful hotel & venue. I really didn’t know what to expect when attending because it was my 1st time going to one of Beauty Mart’s workshops.

As I arrived I sat down and waited for the workshop to commence so I got my self 2 glasses of wine (You have to free drinks YAY) then I sort of calmed my nerves down and started talking to these lovely girls about makeup & beauty. Everybody was lovely & friendly because we all were beauty addicts, which was amazing. I also got to meet Sarah who was the PR Manager for Beauty Mart if I’m correct she was lovely and also the model for Daniel Sandler who he applied the flawless makeup on.

I learned some amazing tips from this work shop its really all about “Double Cleansing” I do look after my skin but you know them nights were you just get home and you take your makeup off with wipes then fall asleep or even just cleansing once. Antonia taught me that it’s always best to invest in a expensive cleanser! Which I totally agree with, Antonia spoke about skincare so passionate and I learned a great deal from her presentation.

Daniel then came on and I was literally screaming 
inside. It was such a great experience to see him work in front of me taking in everything he said. Daniel used his foundation / concealer and his wonderful Watercolour blusher which I adore. Daniel showed us how to use some of his products and the best way to apply them. I was grateful that he used his blusher in “Trip” which is my favourite colour. One thing that will always stick in my head is when he said “Orange always looks good on camera” Just like back in the day when old the actors and actresses had a gold undertone of makeup on for the camera.

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