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Hey guys so basically I haven’t blogged for a while. Again I have just been so busy just with work and some projects I got coming up. So yesterday I got back from Dubai, so today I’m really feeling the holiday blues. Its funny because with me I don’t really get holiday blues until I wake up in my bed the next morning and release I’m in cold ass London not the warm tropical Dubai.

Dubai never fails to amaze me it’s just like the perfect country to visit. It’s so inviting and smells of perfection & luxury. I have never visited Dubai when its been so hot with temperatures going up to 43 degrees which is just quite insane really. I remember landing in the early hours of the morning in Dubai with not getting much sleep. I thought it would be a good idea not to waste a day and go straight to the beach with no sleep, straight into 40-degree heat. Well was I wrong it was possibly the worst mistake I have ever made, it was just too much the heat actually killed me. When I arrived at the beach resort I actually didn’t know how hot it was I couldn’t sit on my sun lounger for more than 10 minutes as I sweating like I was trapped in a oven.

I remember ordering a burger and 2 bottles of water because I was so hungry and thirsty. When my burger arrived little bits of cheese dropped on my stomach, it was so hot that I swear the cheese began to fry on my stomach HA! The water had now turned mega warm in the space of 10 minutes. I was so wet and sweaty that I just decided to go home because it was just so intense. So it taught me a lesson to always sleep properly plus be well hydrated before stepping out in such a hot country.

I had such an amazing time in Dubai as always LOL I feel like most of my posts on this blog are about Dubai it’s actually insane. It’s so hard to explain it without somebody being there well check out my video I put up on YouTube of a mini collage of my Dubai Trip.

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