The Changing Face of Beauty

The Changing Face of Beauty

So I was just browsing twitter last night when I noticed one of my followers re-tweeted a link from Stylist magazine. This link happened to be such an inspirational article by Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s beauty assistant. Not only had this article been going through my mind all night but its something I could relate to and really engage with. I was thinking all night how I could have my input on this article so I decided to make a video about the issues bought up in this article. I feel like a fool as I thought this article was brand new but, looking at the comments I can see it was probably published in 2012.

It doesn’t matter anyways! Even if it was published 10 years ago I think people still deserve to address the issue on how makeup for deeper skin tones has evolved since 2000. I remember makeup for deeper skins was like mission impossible. To find your perfect colour you either had to pray for it! LOL or generally mix products for your life or import in from America. In England brands such as Rimmel and Collection 2000 plus many more didn’t cater for deeper skin tones when it came to foundation & concealer back in 2000. It’s amazing how far we have come to now have brands like NARS, MAC, Kevyn Auccoin, Sleek, Bobbi Brown. All these brands cater for deeper skin tones without making us look ashy or dull. These companies understand there are different shades in the world. It really upsets me still to this day Chanel and more companies find it difficult to even just create a concealer for a deeper skin tone without it being to dark or to red it’s sad.

But anyways check my video and leave a comment! What do you guys think though?

Make Up Forever Haul

Hey guys! What’s poppin? So you know I cant go to Dubai without buying any new makeup! So I was in Dubai mall minding my own business where I found myself outside Makeup Forever! I adore MUF but it’s just so hard to get in London! Who really can be bothered to travel all the way to Kensington to get their products? I really wanted to try the Face & Body they do because the colours are suppose to be amazing with a sheer beautiful finish. So I bought the Face & Body in a 46 then I stopped because a beautiful orange cream blusher caught my eye so I bought that in the number “515” then I got their new amazing duo fiber brush which feels like feathers on the skin. So then I had to get their amazing brush cleanser, which gets dust and makeup stain’s out of your brush in seconds and dries so quickly.

WAIT! I was totally devastated when I found the perfect nude, it was like MAC’S “Spirit” & “Taupe” baby it was super matte and sexual. All I remember is going to the toilet to put it on and the next thing it’s missing. It totally hurt me but least I didn’t loose my passport again right!

Guys check out my video on my mini Makeup Forever Haul!

Hope you like it


London Collection: Men's Lewis & Leigh Presentation

Good evening guys! How y’all doing? So basically I hit up London men’s collection this week. I only could attend the Monday because I flew back from Dubai on Sunday so was major jet lagged and Tuesday I was back at work. Anyways! On Monday I went to the Lewis & Leigh men’s collection event which featured fabulous and outstanding creations from:
·      Clara Martin
·      Chelsea Bravo
·      Beau Homme

It was so busy there but the vibe was totally buzzing, the room was filled of edgy, cool individual’s mingling and adoring the live presentations. My heart loved Chelsea Bravo’s collection it was just so strong and such a statement to look at, not forgetting all the models were so gorgeous and bla bla!

Beau Homme also had some cute pieces there was a blazer, which was like a cape beautifully cut under the arms! I swear if the lights went out in the room I would have knocked a model out for that ish! Beau Homme was giving me the new man of today! Edgy, clean cut but not trying to hard. It was a gorgeous collection plus I hope to cop that blazer one day soon.

Beauty Mart: Flawless Face Event

Hey guys this is such a late blog post as I literally just got back from abroad. I really should have posted this the day I got back from the amazing Beauty Mart workshop I attended with the amazing Antonia Burrell and one of my favourite makeup artists Daniel Sandler. The workshop was based down at the Hoxton Hotel, which is just such a beautiful hotel & venue. I really didn’t know what to expect when attending because it was my 1st time going to one of Beauty Mart’s workshops.

As I arrived I sat down and waited for the workshop to commence so I got my self 2 glasses of wine (You have to free drinks YAY) then I sort of calmed my nerves down and started talking to these lovely girls about makeup & beauty. Everybody was lovely & friendly because we all were beauty addicts, which was amazing. I also got to meet Sarah who was the PR Manager for Beauty Mart if I’m correct she was lovely and also the model for Daniel Sandler who he applied the flawless makeup on.

I learned some amazing tips from this work shop its really all about “Double Cleansing” I do look after my skin but you know them nights were you just get home and you take your makeup off with wipes then fall asleep or even just cleansing once. Antonia taught me that it’s always best to invest in a expensive cleanser! Which I totally agree with, Antonia spoke about skincare so passionate and I learned a great deal from her presentation.

Daniel then came on and I was literally screaming 
inside. It was such a great experience to see him work in front of me taking in everything he said. Daniel used his foundation / concealer and his wonderful Watercolour blusher which I adore. Daniel showed us how to use some of his products and the best way to apply them. I was grateful that he used his blusher in “Trip” which is my favourite colour. One thing that will always stick in my head is when he said “Orange always looks good on camera” Just like back in the day when old the actors and actresses had a gold undertone of makeup on for the camera.

Back to Dubai

Hey guys so basically I haven’t blogged for a while. Again I have just been so busy just with work and some projects I got coming up. So yesterday I got back from Dubai, so today I’m really feeling the holiday blues. Its funny because with me I don’t really get holiday blues until I wake up in my bed the next morning and release I’m in cold ass London not the warm tropical Dubai.

Dubai never fails to amaze me it’s just like the perfect country to visit. It’s so inviting and smells of perfection & luxury. I have never visited Dubai when its been so hot with temperatures going up to 43 degrees which is just quite insane really. I remember landing in the early hours of the morning in Dubai with not getting much sleep. I thought it would be a good idea not to waste a day and go straight to the beach with no sleep, straight into 40-degree heat. Well was I wrong it was possibly the worst mistake I have ever made, it was just too much the heat actually killed me. When I arrived at the beach resort I actually didn’t know how hot it was I couldn’t sit on my sun lounger for more than 10 minutes as I sweating like I was trapped in a oven.

I remember ordering a burger and 2 bottles of water because I was so hungry and thirsty. When my burger arrived little bits of cheese dropped on my stomach, it was so hot that I swear the cheese began to fry on my stomach HA! The water had now turned mega warm in the space of 10 minutes. I was so wet and sweaty that I just decided to go home because it was just so intense. So it taught me a lesson to always sleep properly plus be well hydrated before stepping out in such a hot country.

I had such an amazing time in Dubai as always LOL I feel like most of my posts on this blog are about Dubai it’s actually insane. It’s so hard to explain it without somebody being there well check out my video I put up on YouTube of a mini collage of my Dubai Trip.

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