BooHoo Man Mini Haul

Hey guys! Hope your month has started off beautifully just as much as our weather has. So basically the other night I was looking around shopping online where I came back to BooHoo. So I looked in the men’s section and I was totally surprised about how much stuff I wanted, I actually went to BooHoo’s press day last year and their women’s stuff was fantastic so its really delightful to see them go full force with menswear. I ordered 2 jumpers which were delivered extremely quick I was 100% happy with the delivery time and communication on when it would be delivered. It came just before I left to go to work, which was brilliant if I had needed it before work or for a special event. I ordered this cute leather look baseball top and slick jumper with zips on the arm.

Jumper with zips

PU Baseball Shirt

Check out my mini BooHoo Haul on my Youtube video here:

I’m totally happy with the products I love the jumper and want to order more stuff from the men’s selection. It’s amazing for black clothes especially as I wear black everyday for work. Check out more of their stock here.

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