Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush Review "Trip"

So today I was around the beautiful area of London called Shoreditch. I never really come to Shoreditch because it’s just so far plus hard for me to get home from here. Shoreditch is just so inspiring though, you see so many people from all walks of life. Enough of me rambling I was waiting for my friend near the overground station right next to The Box Park shopping complex. I’ve heard so much about Box Pak so I decided to check it out and noticed Beauty Mart was here so I decided to pop in and have a quick peek. Beauty Mart is my absolute heaven imagine a room filled with all the best luxury makeup brands you could think of, I would take a life to work here!! I prefer this store to the concession in Topshop Oxford Circus because it was more relaxed and less busy. I could actually hear myself think and really test the products.

I looked at Daniel Sandler products then his gorgeous Watercolour Blushers caught my eye. I’ve heard so much amazing things about his products but more specially his watercolour blushers. I tested most of the colours on my hand, they remind me of MAC’S Face & Body foundation the consistency I mean. They are so beautiful they melt into the skin to give a soft focus radiant finish. I had an argument with myself and made myself buy it, I did feel major guilty but it was just such a beautiful colour. The colour I chose is called “Trip” its like a bright golden orange which would work perfectly for women of colour & olive skin tones

Check out my video review here and pictures ..

My Bag Collection

So everyone on YouTube has been asking me to do a bag collection video. So here it is guys! I finally made the video, it was quite tricky to do because I had to get all my bags in one place to finally record this which was tricky. If you know me well, you know I’m such a messy person. So looking for all my bags & clutches was a nightmare. I use all these bags most of the time but for different seasons. I would say I have a huge bag fetish I love all kinds a bags from high street to designer.

My Bags as follows:

Black Celine Phantom bag
Louis Vuitton Canvas Orsay Pochette Clutch
Givenchy Canvas Virgin Mary Clutch
Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 MONOGRAM
Gucci Black Leather Disco Bag
Electric Blue Celine Phantom
Bosphore Backpack Monogram Canvas
Louis Vuitton Speedy 40
Louis Vuitton Monogram Laptop bag
Balenciaga City Bag x Gold Hardware

These are all my bags not much right! HA!!!

I hope you guys like the video!

BooHoo Man Mini Haul

Hey guys! Hope your month has started off beautifully just as much as our weather has. So basically the other night I was looking around shopping online where I came back to BooHoo. So I looked in the men’s section and I was totally surprised about how much stuff I wanted, I actually went to BooHoo’s press day last year and their women’s stuff was fantastic so its really delightful to see them go full force with menswear. I ordered 2 jumpers which were delivered extremely quick I was 100% happy with the delivery time and communication on when it would be delivered. It came just before I left to go to work, which was brilliant if I had needed it before work or for a special event. I ordered this cute leather look baseball top and slick jumper with zips on the arm.

Jumper with zips

PU Baseball Shirt


Check out my mini BooHoo Haul on my Youtube video here:

I’m totally happy with the products I love the jumper and want to order more stuff from the men’s selection. It’s amazing for black clothes especially as I wear black everyday for work. Check out more of their stock here.

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