Returning Back To The Beautiful Dubai!

So once again guys I am again blogging about an amazing trip to Dubai. I can’t get enough of this place! Its like heaven, I get so caught up in Dubai its just so hard to take pictures and realty capture the place because photo’s don’t do the place any justice. I went out there to see my boo and I also bought my friend along this time to spice up the journey. I always have such a good time in Dubai and always wright a huge ass story for you guys to read but this time I made a video so you guys can really grab a feel for how beautiful Dubai is.

I seriously want to move here in the next year or 2. Every time I come back from Dubai its like my soul and body have been cleansed. It’s a wonderful feeling to come back feeling fresh and just rejuvenated. Everyone has this strong stigma that Dubai is mad strict and dangerous, that you have to cover up every part of your body and be a crazy conscious freak. Ok! It’s a Muslim country you cant go on reckless and get drunk in the streets, slapping bitches asses. You can if you want to go prison for a long time! Other than that you just have to respect their country obviously if you keep your self to yourself and just have a bit of common sense you will be fine. Its like my 6th time there and I never get bored of going.

I do find the touristy stuff slightly over now, Like so many people get hyped about dancing fountains & more but its never the case where I want to not see any of it because each time you see it you think wow, where is their something like this in England. Nowhere! So just appreciate it and enjoy the beautiful views. So check out my video and enjoy the 10minute experience with me in Dubai and also check out my pictures.

The one drama I did have was on the last day just imagine you’re boarding and leaving in 3 hours and cant find your passport. I looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be found it was awful literally. So I ended up having to miss my flight and letting my friend Denzel get on the flight by itself. Loosing my passport was the worst feeling ever, So I wanted everyone to learn from my mistake because the process it takes for it to get back is just far too long to explain it took 1 day & a half. The process was filled with many tears and me getting mad at my BF it was mad crazy but we both got through It together if it wasn’t for my boo I literally would have died on the spot and cried in a corner. So always look after your passport.

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