My Porcelain Veneers Story

Veneers Process

So I basically I haven’t blogged since last month because so much has been going on. I haven’t really been well for a while I had a huge chest infection which I still have and also its just been so hectic. So major changes have happened, as you know if you don’t follow me on Instagram I had my teeth done I had Veneers done.

I’ve wanted my teeth done for ages to be honest and always hated my teeth, well not hated to a point where they make me sick, Just I’ve never really smiled loads of pictures I mostly pout and strike a fierce pose! When I got them done at The Hospital Group it totally changed my life it was a huge change to have perfect white teeth. Its 100% worth they money if you’re thinking about getting it done. So many people have been asking me questions like did it hurt? Was it expensive? Etc, I just feel like if you want it done, do it for yourself! Not just because I have it. If you have perfect teeth or nice normal teeth there’s point getting it done just get them whitened and polished. I had to really think I will never have my own teeth again and Veneers do last long but they obviously need to be changed in about 20 years depending how you look after them. If you know you’re the type of person who smokes loads or loves a curry and hard foods you may want to think about it! When you get Veneers you can just smoke and drink heavy wines like you used to.

This is my before video you get to see what my teeth were like before the Veneers

Boom!!! They are on I can hardly speak, it was hard to eat any type of foods or even hold a conversation

Veneers update 

You have to give up smoking and heavily coloured foods cause you don’t want them getting fucked up. I love my teeth and I will answer as much questions as you guys want. All I say is do it for you, my teeth were so small and didn’t suit me even though I will miss my gap I love my new Veneers so much more. I smile so much more and I am so much confident within myself. Which is what I wanted, it was for me! For my confidence! Not for anybody else. I didn’t just get these new teeth to put on twitter on Facebook! That’s way to shallow!

Anyways here is my 3 videos I did about my veneers which pretty much sums up what I’ve been though and the process.

Thanks to the Hospital Group!!!

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