The Great Bob Bob Ricard

So just after my birthday I finally turned 24, I feel so old it’s a joke. Everything just seems so different when you turn 24, its like there’s a huge rush to do everything you want before you hit 25. Life hits you right in your face because when you turn 25 you know you’re almost at 30. But anyways back to my review! Just after my birthday I got to go to the fabulous “Bob Bob Ricard” restaurant in Soho London. To be honest I’ve never heard of this restaurant before until I was busy on Instagram early hours of the morning stalking celebrity pages as I do when I cant sleep LOL. I managed to find myself on Ashley Madekwe’s Instagram I adore her so much, she is stylish, beautiful and charming. I scrolling through her pictures when I noticed a picture of a button that said “Press for Champagne” I just thought “Oh my god where is this, I need to go asap”

So I researched this photo on Google and found the fabulous “Bob Bob Ricard” restaurant. The menu sounded gorgeous from exotic cocktails to plates of caviar & to champagne filled pies. So I convinced my boyfriend to take me there for my birthday so we could wine and dine! I booked it 2 weeks in advance because looking at the dates I could see everything was booked well in advanced, there wasn’t much dates available even after new years day, which I thought, was crazy.

So the beautiful day finally came for us to attend Bob Bob Ricard we made our way into Soho as it poured down with rain and gasping winds. We arrived outside I thought to myself “I walk this way most days to get to Charring Cross station how have I never seen this before?” Even the outside looked beautiful it reminded me of the Great Gatsby soundtrack design cover, the entrance doors were a shiny gold metallic frame with a chocolate brown box design.

Inside we were greeted by the warmest welcome by a group of staff at the front reception. Ready to take our coats and bags giving us a sleek card for the cloakroom to get our items back. The restaurant was breathtaking literally I thought to myself “This tops the lot I have never been anywhere so prestige and beautiful in my life” well I have been to some pretty amazing places but this restaurant had character had taste.
We sat down and I straight away noticed the tables were like an vintage booth style, you had your own private space you couldn’t hear any other conversations it was perfection. I hate gong to restaurants where their isn’t a enough personal space this is very important to me. I noticed the button straight away “Press for champagne” then I thought ok this night is about to get buck wild & crazy.

We had many glasses of champagne and many beautiful cocktails. Another thing I’m a fussy drinker, I love my drinks sweet and strong like me ;) our waiter was so sweet he was always at bay to help us with our orders and drinks. he managed to get me the most beautiful cocktail ever I just wish I could remember the name LOL.

Check the dishes we had and the most beautiful caviar I have ever tasted in my life.

I woke up like this!!!

Caviar DARLING!!!!!

The Beautiful Beef Onglet ; 28 aged scotch beef!

Humble Pie: Wild mushrooms, leek, black truffles and champagne  

Lobster mashed potato

 This was the first time trying caviar it was so succulent and tasted like eating a Range Rover Sport. We received the best service and I ended up leaving the restaurant feeling like Naomi Campbell, beautiful opening, beautiful service and beautiful food. YOU MUST GO THERE!!! Even for drinks the bar is like something out of a movie, very chic but with great atmosphere!

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