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Hey guys!!!
Recently I received loads of emails asking how I get my skin in tiptop condition? To be honest my skin isn’t all that amazing underneath I have dark spots just like everybody. I do find now I use quite a structured skincare regimen, I hardly get spots. If I do there on my forehead or underneath my jaw, People wonder how my skin is so smooth, basically I,ve had laser hair removal on my face because I suffered from an ingrown hair problem which made me so depressed and said that I had to seek medical advice. I then got recommended SK;N they are a company that have many clinics all over the UK and help treat all skin problems.

I had this done 2 years ago this changed my life and since then my skin has become so much softer and more durable so I don’t get much breaks outs.
I really wanted to do this video so people can understand what I use and there are also some recommendations there’s a lot of products out there to treat acne and dark spot’s do research! Branch out!

Products I love
·      Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
·      Clinque Dark Spot Corrector
·      Crème De La Mer moisturising cream
·      Mac Moisture Infusion Serum
·      Mac Natural Radiance Primer
·      Bio Oil
·      Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

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