Riccardo Tisci x Nike Collaboration

So I’m hugely excited for the Riccardo Tisci x Nike collaboration. When I heard about this collaboration I died a tiny bit inside. Anything Ricardo touches turns to gold anyway so I know this will be a huge success. The only thing I don’t want to do is queue outside a Nike store for 12 hours about to slap a bitch down for his gorgeous “Air Force High Boot” which look a tad futuristic to me I love the ankle strap, they are going to sell out fast. They are retailed at $225 dollars so im hoping that will mean they are about £160 -£180 in the UK. It’s a tad extortionate for Air Force 1’s but it is Riccardo Tisci after all. I love that he chose Joan Smalls to be in the campaign as she is on fire right now and her beauty is so dynamic.

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