London Men's Collection: Kokon To Zai Afterpary x ME Hotel

So LCM has ended but we had to end it with a rang right? So after a few complications I decided to go ahead and attend the Kokon To Zai afterparty.
The guest list was super tight so I know a lot of people had a hard time getting in! The extravagant party was based at the Rooftop Radio Bar at ME London. I wasn’t familiar of this bar at all until yesterday but WOW soon as I got out of the lift on the 13th or 14th floor I remember this beautiful waitress handing me this zesty pineapple cocktail.
My arm candy. Picture via Posh,Broke,Bored

I couldn’t really dance because my jumper was so thick. All I could do is a little whine and a mini slut drop at best ha!!!

I remember going out side in the smoking area and seeing the view of London South Bank outside It was stunning I tried to take as much photos as I could but the pictures doesn’t do it justice.

Erol Sabadosh was on the decks so you know its going to be a turnt up! Party. The music was on point from old school Kayne to the newest remix of “Boss Bitch” from Nicki Minaj. I didn’t really expect to go to an after party but I was sweating like a cow in the desert I had way to many layers on.

Erol & R-SS 

She was amazing she played pure Juicy J & just the soft core hip hop and them ratchet beats that made the night more & more amazing!

Zebra Katz Ojay looking super turnt up in this amazing studded jacket by KTZ!!! My jaw dropped soon as I seen this beauty! It sure looks heavy though but wow. What a statement!!

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