My Makeup Bag "Must Haves"

So basically I’m listening to all my subscribers from now on. Your comments and thoughts mean a lot to me as long as they are all positive. Many of you asked for me to do a “Makeup Bag Must” video so obviously I have to give my bad bitch viewers what they want. I love each and every one of you. I may not have hundreds and thousands of subscribers but I have a nice number of regular watchers and nice positive comments, which motivates me to make for videos for you little darlings.

Fedora Hat from Christy's Hats -

Makeup Products:

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Eyeshadow Isolde

NARS Multiple Stick Laguna

Creme De La Mer Lip balm

MAC Natural Radiance Primer

Becca Shimmering Skin Pressed Highlighter - Topaz

MAC 188 Foundation Brush

MAC 286 Concealer Brush

Studio Careblend Powder - Deep Dark

MAC Strobe Cream

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder - Golden Orange

MAC Concealer Palette - Dark

MAC Dipdown (Eyebrows)

The Bodyguard The Musical Review -

So last night I attend the Adelphi Theatre to watch the most anticipated “The Bodyguard” musical based on the film featuring Whitney Houston. If you know me, you know I’m a huge Whitney Houston fan I love her so much, I feel like her talent was just so raw and unique she was a diamond something rare and indestructible, talent wise I mean. Obviously Whitney had problems but who wouldn’t she was such a huge star and obviously had demons to battle with, while her life was portrayed to the public. Anyways I went with my friend Denzel to go see The Bodyguard. The theatre was so beautiful the design was very elegant but welcoming at the same time, this was my first time going to a London musical since I was a teenager so it felt so weird to actually waiting to see a musical.

I cant hardly remember much because I was in such ore of the theatre while I took my seat, The musical began with a loud bang literally a gunshot! Me screaming “FUCKING HELL” the show started with a bang and ended with a explosion. Soon as the show started Denzel and me was quickly drawn in to an amazing choreographed and well acted show. All of the audience were having such a great time reliving some of Whitney’s greatest hits and number one classics.

Beverly Knight who played Whitney Houston’s character Rachel was brilliant. To be honest I’ve never really listened to Beverly Knight’s music since her song “Should Woulda Coulda” I loved that song but never really rated her voice, but WOW! Beverly sure can hit them notes because home girl wasn’t playing when it came to giving it the fullest Whitney she could give. Beverly was truly a delight to watch she really made the show what it was because I was having the best time just listen to her rein act some of my favourite Whitney songs such as “So Emotional” & “I Will Always Love You”

The set of the show was astonishing I still don’t get how they were able to change sets and have an amazing background throughout the show. All of it was very realistic and sometimes I forgot I was watching a musical I got lost within the story.

To conclude I wont tell you most of the story or what happened but all I’m going to say is go and watch the show and be amazed, entertained and excited.

Gary –x-

My outfit for the theatre, I was slightly overdressed but who cares -x-

Highlighting Concealers For The Under Eye

For a long time now I get questions on what under eye highlight I use. To be honest I don’t really highlight my under eye anymore because I feel like its too much everyday. I only love to go for the full bang at night when its no so harsh. Sometimes I see certain girls with a bright under eye and I think “Honey you look so tired” so ladies if you just woke up at 6am and you’re doing a bright under eye please put some cucumbers on your eye first. Anyways I thought I would do this video on concealers for the under eye that will give you a gorgeous Kim K highlight.

Products I used:

Mac Face & Body - N9
Mac Face & Body - C7 (Highlight)
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer - SX13
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - NW40
Mac Mineralize Concealer - NC45
Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder - Golden Orange
Mac 286 Brush
Mac 130 Brush
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - Magnetic Appeal 
Illamasqua Skin Base No 18

Check the video out –x-

Riccardo Tisci x Nike Collaboration

So I’m hugely excited for the Riccardo Tisci x Nike collaboration. When I heard about this collaboration I died a tiny bit inside. Anything Ricardo touches turns to gold anyway so I know this will be a huge success. The only thing I don’t want to do is queue outside a Nike store for 12 hours about to slap a bitch down for his gorgeous “Air Force High Boot” which look a tad futuristic to me I love the ankle strap, they are going to sell out fast. They are retailed at $225 dollars so im hoping that will mean they are about £160 -£180 in the UK. It’s a tad extortionate for Air Force 1’s but it is Riccardo Tisci after all. I love that he chose Joan Smalls to be in the campaign as she is on fire right now and her beauty is so dynamic.
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