Thank you Mr Porter!

Thank you Mr Porter!

So last night I was on a mission! on a battle! I was furious when it came to 00.00am and the Mr Porter sale hadn’t even begun. I was constantly refreshing the page and thought there was some sort of mistake? I was so confused why they didn’t start the sale on Boxing Day to be honest? Like get with the program babes!!! But obviously Mr Porter doesn’t do anything normal within the box do they? So finally after 15 minutes the sale begun but weirdly I didn’t get any alerts from Mr Porter until today 2pm way to late!!! After everything would have sold out by this time! Luckily I was online  fresh to get some goodies last night!!! I feel so happy I was able to get everything I wanted.

All the Acne jumpers I desired had gone into sale for 50% off and my Nike trainers I had wanted had gone into Sale too. I was just delighted I also had a £25 store credit, which Mr Porter gave to me as a sorry for a situation they had messed up previously this year. I am so happy but they delivered it on time and it cute packaging as usual anyways peep the pictures I will take some pictures of me in this sexual gear soon.


Maybeline Master Kajal “Pitch Black: Review

Maybeline Master Kajal “Pitch Black: Review

So I was in Boots a week ago so I thought I would purchase a Kajal Eyeliner. These are huge in the middle east I’ve heard Kajal eyeliners can protect you from the evil eye. So I thought what the heck! Let me buy one I tried to search on Ebay for an authentic Arabic one but it was just too confusing. Until I was watching TV to see the cheesy & fabulous Maybelline advert which the gorgeous Jessica White.
I decided to buy the “Pitch Black” Kajal eyeliner from Maybelline because the gold one looked rather distracting on my skintone.

 I actually like it! It goes on smooth and neat. The only thing I would say is you cant really control how sharp you want the eyeliner as it sharpens as you use it but not sharp like a pencil effect.

I give it 7/10 its amazing to smudge and do a simple cute Smokey look with but I’m a fan of a pencil you can actually sharpen.

Anyways peep the video!!!!

Mwah x

Rihanna MAC Winner Giveaway + My Monthly Favourites + Birthday Haul

Hey Guys!!!

I haven’t blogged for such a long time. It’s the month of December and it has been such a hectic month wow! It was my birthday then Christmas and now a new year is approaching. I love all your messages and support on my Youtube page and Instagram thank you so much!!!!

Check out my new video on this month’s craziness and my new items I got for my birthday check it out.

I know I did a Rihanna give away to win the amazing limited edition Talk That Talk lipstick I have now chose the winners as there was 3 winners. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!!!

1ST WINNER: Nicole Thomas from Kent – Twitter – Bieberlovers32.

I loved your picture and I did tell everyone to follow on Instagram and the channel and you did it correct and I love everything about your picture well done honey!!!! YASSSSS WORK!!!

2nd WINNER Carmi     Instagram – Fashioninit

I LOVED YOUR PICTURE!!! Plus you were the only boy to enter bringing it all up in here giving me face!!!!! LOVE IT!!! CONGRATS BOO!!!! P.S Keep doing you!!! Will send you a limited edition Mac product.

3rd Winner DJ Nile    Instagram –Djnile

Loved your picture was very sophisticated and you bought something new to the table loves it babe!!! I will send you a limited edition Mac product mwahxxx

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