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Another post! Another day! So I wanted to tell you guys all about my Amsterdam trip. Its funny I have always wanted to go Amsterdam all my life so when finally getting the chance to go there it was a strange feeling. I love going to new places especially places I haven’t been before. I went with one my good friends Denzel. We flew from London Gatwick airport.

I always find it weird flying from Gatwick because its not usually a regular airport I fly from in comparison to Heathrow. Its much smaller but still cute. Our flight was in the afternoon thank god! An early morning flight is never cute though! I’ve learned my lesson from Barcelona! I always imagine Amsterdam was so far but it literally took 49 minutes to fly there, which I thought was super fast. Sometimes traveling from one end to another in London can take up to an hour so I was major impressed.

When we reached Amsterdam it was everything I expected! The airport was so nice. I always judge a city by its airport I know I am super weird right! Amsterdam has a really big airport. We get the underground to Amsterdam Central in these huge trains, which totally reminded me of Berlin!

We get to Amsterdam central soon as I walk outside the cold hits me like a slap in the face! Its so cold obviously colder than London. I found out that Amsterdam has no hills so all the wind literally blows throughout the city creating a colder environment.

The thing about Amsterdam is that they love lights! The city is filled with neon lights and the strong aroma of weed lingers around the city calling each person to go into the nearest coffee shop. I have never been a huge weed smoker but after trying out the coffee shop’s and sitting down smoking weed with the local tourists, its such an experience everyone should go through. Its hard to explain in writing the atmosphere is relaxed, people are just doing there thing and getting high. I do have to admit walking into a coffee shop it’s a shock because its just so stuffy and the weed is so strong my eyes went teary LOL!

Obviously its my first time in Amsterdam so I am going to go all out with the weed. I spent like £30 on weed buying pre rolled ones and renting out a bong and buying some “Pineapple Haze” Its weird literally just buying weed so casually I felt so naughty but its legal so its cool. While smoking my pre rolled joints and my bong I was fucked! I have never been so high in my lifel While doing this the few days I was there I learned its not cute doing it everyday weed drains you the next morning and its hard to want to party or doing anything social able after consuming it.

Amsterdam I feel is one of those places you can love or hate! The weather during my trip wasn’t cute it was super cold and even hailing at one point I thought I must pray to the lord!!!!  Haaaaa!!! Other than that Amsterdam clubbing IS AMAZING!!! The gay area is fantastic very similar to London Soho everything is close together and the clubs are super huge and the music is POPPIN!!!

Me & Denzel went to Club NYX & Studio 80. Club NYX was amazing we went because Room Service London was going to be there its actually one of the best nights I’ve had this year the club layout is huge. There was even a DJ in the toilet, which was sick!!! The vibe was on another level!

Studio 80 was very cool very Grundy & dark. The crowd was very cool very young and stylish. I really enjoyed this club too the music was insane and its huge. Before I went studio 80 I heard so much stuff about the club but everything was true it’s AMAZING!!!!

Last but not least the Red Light District is EVERYTHANG!!! I cant explain it you must go. Its like a pussy market. You just seen men picking out women and literally going into these rooms and having their way obviously for a negotiated price. The red light district is split up into different categories. For e.g:

Black Girls
White Girls
Lady Boys

Its so weird thought even seeing the lady boys it was so scary their quite old and butch and tall there’s something for everyone in the red light district ha!!

Here’s some pictures of my trip:

I also did a YouTube video Get Ready With Me. With this look that I done in Amsterdam when I went to Room Service Amsterdam watch the video and check the outfit pictures.

Mwah –x-

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