Could this be the best lip balm of all time? Dr. Lipp Orginial Nipple Balm!

Could this be the best lip balm of all time?

We all know everyone loves lip balm! We can take it in our bags, pockets & trousers. Lip balm is something everyone carries around with them because lets face it dry lips are never cute. I have been on the search for a Lip Balm that moisturises and conditions the lips without making them dry and brittle in an hour or less.  I have tried so many lip balms, Nivea, Carmex, Vaseline, Rimmel but all of them made my lips appear nice but then after a later time they became even more dry and chapped than they were to begin with,

Blob, Blob!! Thick and moisturising!

Pat it on with your fingers and smooth it on for nice kissable lips!

For a few weeks now I have been using Dr. Lipp Orginial Nipple Balm for Lips. Its fantastic it reminds me of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream for the lips but without such a strong scent and it makes my lips feel so smooth. It’s so thick and just feels like a dream once it’s all smoothed out on my lips.  Dr.Lipp is a 100% Natural product using organic ingredients. Dr.Lipp is proven to reduce skin roughness by up to 40% in one hour!

Dr. Lipp actually surprised me when I received the lip balm to try I was confused because I thought “Why is the lip balm so small?” but a little goes a long way with this product. I was silly and squeezed way too much product out which was a waste, as you only need a pea sized drop to get smooth kissable conditioned lips.

A nice clean subtle smooth pout!


Dr.Lipp’s original nipple balm for lips is able to replenish the lipid bilayers of your skin and can be used to maintain and repair the skin’s natural barrier, whilst protecting it against the environment. Dr Lipp’s nipple balm is so multipurpose you can also use it for
·      dry cuticles
·      feet & elbows
·      dry knees
·      Eczema
·       psoriasis
·      Split ends
·      Nipples
·      Diaper rash
·       Wound healing
·      Sunburn

Dr Lipp’s nipple balm has totally won my heart and lips over and this will now be my go to go lip balm for everyday use.I recommend this lip balm 100% it does what it says and helps improve the condition of your lips day to day.

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