Back to Dubai!!

Hey guys well I haven't blogged for quite sometime I always say how much more I need to blog but time is not good to me. Ok since September not much has happens really I have just been working and really planning holidays. Since Barcelona it just made me want to travel so much more if you know what I mean. I think it's so beautiful to experience different cities and different cultures. Actually while I writing this actually blog my view is pretty amazing 
I am currently In Dubai again it's just so beautiful here it's 34 degrees so it's scorching hot and just so glorious. 

This was my airport outfit LOL! Yes I did wear shorts to Heathrow. People were looking at me like I was crazy. I just brushed my shoulders off and thought "Bitch I will be in 36 degree heat in 7 hours"
Jumper: Acne - Mr Porter
Trainers: Nike Mayfly - Nike
Shorts: Topman (Old Season)
Nothing like a crazy selfie in the back of the taxi!

So I copped so Rih Rih 4 Mac collection. I got the "Nude" lipstick & "Diamonds" highlighter + the "Good Girl Gone Bad" blusher. All fabulous was mad the purple matte lipstick "Talk That Talk" sold out.

My first full day there aww it was major hot for an all black outfit but it had to be done. Simple!

Most comfortable Shisha ever!!!!!

Budda Restaurant was amazing! the food was good only thing it was major dark in there though but was fab!

Ugh!!! This day was amazing me and my amazing bf went to the sheraton beach to just chill and get some sun rays. It was brilliant! got some rays and the view was stunning.

Look at the size of that Yacht!!

Caesar salad served which a tropical kiss cocktail! HEAVEN!!!

The skyline is too much for words!

Sneaky Selfie!!!

Am I the only one that thinks this looks scary?

Major love for my new Prada specs!!!

The Ritz in Dubai was breath taking. I have a video of me in here I will post in my new Youtube video which will be up tomorrow!!

Dubai Mall x Vogue Italia event.

This crab cake gave me life!!!! Major love for Meat & Co.

Nasimi Beach. Best day ever.

I now have a Oud addiction, I used to hate it but ever since going to Dubai its made me love it. I only like the sweet Oud though nothing to strong like Tom Ford "Tuscan Leather:.

Coming back to the UK makes your realize how actually cold and depressing it is. Imagine leaving 34-degree heat. All I can say is I am ready for winter and have all the clothes to keep me nice and snuggly.  I do find when I go to Dubai I always eat so healthy because its so hot I always just drink so much water to stay hydrated and eat really clean (NO JUNK FOOD)

I will be uploading a video of my winter clothes haul so I will include some footage I shot while I was in Dubai. I’m so annoyed because I forgot my camera charger in the UK so I didn’t take enough pictures as I hoped but check out my pictures.

My last outfit before I had to go back to rainy London :(



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