Summer Haul + Update

Mini Summer Haul & Update

Hey guys its been such a while since I have blogged! So much has happened since then. I have been to Barcelona + loads of festival but really just chilling! I really want to start updating my baby blog as I feel that I neglect it so much but I want to start posting regularly. I have uploaded a new video which I know summer is DEAD! But back when it was summer and England had a glorious week of sunshine and happiness.

I was adapting my skin to the weather obviously when its so  hot you’re going to want to keep your makeup on by using a really good matte primer and a really light moisturizer. I also attempt to try and do Facts About Me Video!   It was so damn hard to do!!!! I couldn’t find anything to talk about so I am actually requesting all of you help me!! Ask me some questions on here!!! Or Youtube and I WILL PROMISE TO DO!!! A facts about me video.

I went to Barcelona for Circuit Festival!! It was amazing!!! Circuit Festival is a gay house music festival which is quite intense but I only ended up going to 2  party’s the rest of the holiday was for chilling and relaxing by the pool ;) As Barcelona was so hot I really didn’t wear a lot of makeup I hardly did my eyebrows or wore foundation so here are some products in the video I used while on holiday!!

I hope you enjoy the video guys.

Peace x Love


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