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Currently Listening / Reading

·      As you know guys I love 2CHAINZ!!! His new album B.O.A.TS II Metime is just DOPE!!!!! TRUUUUU!!! If you look at my playlist on my I-Tunes his album is actually the most played with 2906 PLAYS!!! THAT’S MAD!!!!! I love his rap style and his ratchet beats. If you know me! You know my favorite  song is “I Luv Dem Strippers” the beat is everything! I got his new album when it was released a few days ago. I haven’t listened to it properly but my favorite songs at the moment are
·      36
·      Where You Been
·      Netflix (Feat Fergie)
·      U Da Realest ( MAJOR SONG)
·      Black Unicorn
·      Feds Watching
This album has a better direction then his last, I feel like 2chainz knows who he is now instead of chatting random lyrics on a dope beat!! I’m glad he also stayed true and used Mike Will Made It! 2 Chainz to me is so talented his mix tape TRU RELIGION is just the ultimate mix tape to have specially if I am playing at a hip hop night everybody loves “Spend it” the beat is so sick. I am going to do a video review of this album on the weekend so you will know in full detail how amazing this album is!!

I recently bought Alexa Chung’s new book “It” I haven’t read it all yet but it’s a cute little book once I’ve finished ill let you know what I think in my next upcoming video J

Peace x Love


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