Autumn/Winter Fashion Haul - What I Will Be Wearing!

Autumn/Winter Fashion Haul - What I Will Be Wearing!
So I finally did it! I have always said in my videos I really want to do a fashion haul video. I literally never have the time to make these as I am such a unorganised person it sucks!!! So I was so happy I could share a little piece of my style with you guys on this short video. I really need to do more I thought I would do this short one to see if you guys would like it! These are some of my fav pieces I wore last winter and some new 1’s I got recently or in the sales that have just finished.

I love my new All Saints Lance Boots! There super comfy and really chic! Its about time I got some cute black boots! The only downside is that they have no grip so I literally almost broke my neck in Bond St Station today! It wasn’t cute boo!

Here are just some pictures so you can see some of my favorite jackets I will be rocking this winter.

I hope you enjoy the video guys.

Peace x Love


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