Yankee Candle Obsession!

Ok so I jumped on the hype! I went to Clintons the other day in Canary Wharf and got myself a Yankee Candle! I have seen so much people tweet theirs and Instagram their candles. They have such crazy scents like Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt etc I love sweet smells so as soon as I seen the Strawberry Buttercream Candle I knew I had to have it. Luckily they had some special deal at Clintons were the big jar one for £16.99 was £9.99. Seriously £16.99 for a candle you can get a Nando’s meal and have change left. I don’t mind paying the money for a candle but its not like it’s Jo Malone candle.

 photo DSC01062_zpsd56d6ce9.jpg

As soon as I got home I quickly unwrapped the candle and sparked it up! The smell quickly unleashed all over my room. It smelt amazing I was so surprised how long the smell lingers in your room for. I bought the candle Monday and the scent of Buttercream & Strawberry’s is still in my room today it’s been 3 days! I now understand the hype of the Yankee Candles. If I had to purchase them again I would but I wouldn’t get such a sweet smell because the Strawberry Buttercup is very sickly at times especially when I’m eating or come home late from work.

 photo DSC01064_zps0c0141dc.jpg

You can get these beautiful Candles at Clinton Cards or in any House of Fraser.

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