I think one of the most important things you can look after is your skin. When I was younger I never really thought about taking care of your skin, I never really thought about SPF or drinking water I just thought my skin was fine and it would stay like that. But oh no! As time took its toll you start to notice imperfections appearing, spots and blackheads, sun damage. Your skin is like your mini baby it’s all about making sure it’s moisturized and has protection from vicious sun rays which age you faster than ice melting in the sun.

When I’m at work one of the most frequent asked questions I get asked is “How do you get your skin to look like that? Or Will this foundation give me skin like yours?” Of course I wear foundation but just because I wear foundation its not going to blur out any spots or bumps I may have. I think sometimes people think foundation will give you some type of new layer to the skin but it actually just evens out the skin tone and helps cover and imperfections you may have. To truly get the best out of a foundation it’s all about prepping the skin.  Foundation isn’t going to look as good if you have loads of spots and dry areas to the skin so it’s all about polishing the skin up before application.

Every morning before I start my foundation I always give myself at least 15-20 minutes to prep the skin this can be cleansing then exfoliating, moisturizing then sometimes adding a serum and always-adding SPF. Prepping the skin makes a huge different on how your makeup looks and lasts through out the day. I remember in my teen years when I used to just apply just foundation without any moisturizer. My skin looked so dry and patchy and my foundation just used to slide of my face by noon, it wasn’t a cute look at all.

What I’m trying to say is prep your skin and look after your skin if you want your skin to have a radiant finish, that inner glow or just that healthy dewy finish. A Foundation can only take you a little way it needs your skin to be healthy so they can both work together to make your look radiant and gorgeous.

Certain days I just cant be bothered to wear makeup I don’t want anything heavy so ill just throw on a tinted moisturizer and some cream highlighter. When you look after your skin you will find you don’t have to wear as much makeup you can just concentrate a makeup look just on skin. Which could be perfecting a sheer foundation and adding a slight cream blush to the cheek to give that dewy finish.

Some of the products I love to use on my skin are

Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream

This cream is pricey I first read about this cream in Victoria Beckham’s book. I heard so much good reviews about this cream how it just regenerates the skin and makes it look healthy and magically soft
Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

This product is AMAZING! It feels like mud or just hard stones in mud in my hand. I love the texture you can really feel it exfoliating the skin when I use it twice a week. It can seem a bit scary when you feel it, to put on the face but seriously this helps get away and blackheads and polishes my skin to make it all healthy and new.
Mac Brightening Skin Serum

My friend introduced me to this I noticed her complexion just looked a lot more healthier and glowly. She told me she uses this everyday. I never really used serums because I never saw the point in them but since using this I,ve noticed my skin looks a tad more even and brighter.
Clinque All About Eyes Roll On

This roll on is amazing it helps to de-puff the eye its really compact and just super easy to apply in the morning when your eyes feel really heavy and tired.
Mac SPF 50 Base Primer

Only started using this for a few weeks. I don’t use it all over my face because I don’t want my face to look extra matte. This primer is an amazing it gives you’re a high protection of SPF 50 plus also good if you have oily skin as it makes your skin extra matt and controls oil through out the day. I only use this product on my T-Zone where I get extra oily. This product would be amazing on holiday if you went to a really hot destination
Simple Moisturising Face Wash

I love this face wash its affordable and it literally works wonders for me. Its not fragranced so it doesn’t upset my skin like some face washes do. Its just really simple LOL! Its an seriously excellent face wash that takes all the dirt of excess makeup off without leaving my face dry and tight.

When it comes to skin care I don’t try and use as much products. I love to keep products to a minimal so I I need to go traveling its compact and no to much to remember to use on a weekly basis

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