Nicki Minaj Teen Vogue Cover

I have recently seen such a dramatic change in Nicki Minaj. I’m not sure what’s happened but she’s either changed her stylist and makeup artist but these days she is looking so beautiful but naturally. Don’t get me wrong she wasn’t looking horrible before its just now she looks so amazingly fresh and just radiant. I love her on this month’s Teen Vogue Cover. The grey lilac hair is really working for her, I haven’t watched much of American Idol because it bores me but I have seen pictures of her and she looks amazing.

I know Nicki has been using Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Joyce Bonelli. Joyce’s work is amazing she has done so many celebs but she tends to work more on Kim Kardashian and is responsible for her amazing makeup looks most of the time.

Joyce has done such a brilliant job with Nicki Minaj I’m sure they’ve changed her base and much more. Nicki’s foundation doesn’t look as heavy as it used to and she doesn’t highlight as extremely as she did but other than that I am loving her.

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