We all can lose our way in life sometimes even I have. I remember growing up and having this path which I would follow. When I was younger I always felt that I had a plan and my life would fall perfectly in this plan. You think you’re going to get your dream job and you feel like life is just going to work out perfectly for you. The reality is life isn’t like that we all wish life could plan out how we want to and have out dream jobs and out perfect relationships but something hits us.

Obstacles!!!!! we all fall in the way of them or get blocked by them. In our tracks we are stopped if it’s not by love or by something else our minds are drawn too. I’ve gone through life saying I want to do this and be this and do that. In reality I remember only wanting to do something because I thought It would make me loads of money so I could make my parents happy. I can’t believe I wanted to be a doctor at one point in my life. I can’t even imagine handling 8 years of university it would drive me insane. Fair enough being doctors and dentist’s are for some people but not me. Never want to do something just because of the money if your hearts not in it you will fail.

If you want to live your life in particular way do it for yourself never want to live your life for someone else. I always feel that people feel like that need to act upon something to make someone happy or prove something to someone. I was just thinking the other day how I heard about someone to be reveled to be a fraud by doing something illegal but in there pictures they were living such a glamorous life and eating at the best places and going from a to b all over the world. I remember someone saying “Wow I want to have their life mine is shit” I just thought wow like do we all want to be someone else? Now this person is found out to be a fraud it put things into perspective of how if this persons life was not as it seemed then why would you try and be like someone who lived a fake life.

I feel like these days everyone just cares about being pretty, having the best things and just trying to make a quick dolla so they can post there expensive outfits and meals on instragram to make there friends or enemies value them more. Ok I actually going on a rant here but to be honest all I’m saying I remember the days when I used to say I cant wait to be older and drive a car and go clubbing and shit. When I think back now, I wish I wasn’t in such a rush to grow up because being a grown up is horrible all the responsibilities all the heartbreak and fake friendships means nothing.

Its all about finding you’re own person and acting on what you want to do. Everyone can be anything they want to be. They can either fake it to they make it or just work damn hard to get to where they want to be. The problem with me is I used to think OMG! This person is doing that and I aint doing fuck all. I never hated on anyone but sometimes you think wow this person is really doing well for themselves. Instead of analyzing how this person is doing put your foot down and make your own journey that’s how they did and it now do it yourself its all about making your mark.

If you don’t make a mark no one else will do it for you. If you want to be noticed only you can make your light be seen.

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