Eve's "Lip Lock' Album Review

Ok so I never really review albums but I thought this would be my 1st. I love Eve’s new album “Lip Lock”. I have been a fan of eve since her hit song “Who’s that girl?” I know it’s taken a while for Eve to release this album as I read on a few blogs she’s had some delays releasing it. When Eve released “Tambourine” I loved it! The video, the makeup and especially as she was a Mac Viva Glam girl she had so much Mac products in her video.

So back to business! I am listening to her album and I love the sound. The album has mixture of dub step sounds and your classic hip-hop beats plus a few slow jams. Her album opens up with a strong number which is “EVE” Feat Miss Kitty I love this song already its very dubby and would sound amazing in the club. 2nd is her other single which she released a few months ago “She Bad Bad” I played this song in my DJ set months ago and everyone loved it. The thing is Eve has such a strong flow she just sound great on every beat. Eve totally smacked it in the “My Chick Bad Remix” her verse was the best hands down.

On Lip Lock Eve has a slow jam “Make it out of this town feat Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship” to be honest everyone needs that one commercial song they need to release. It’s not really my cup of tea as its very commercial but the song is quite catchy. Its like how Nicki Minaj released Starships it’s a very commercial song but catchy you just need that type of song on your album these days to sell I guess.

Eve has defiantly got a lot of bangers on this album I wont go through each song because I’ll leave that to you guys to listen to. My favorite songs are

·      All Night ( Feat Claude Kelly & Propain)
·      Keep Me From You ( Feat Dawn Richard)
·      Wanna Be (Feat Missy Elliot & Nacho) – This has to be the best song on the album for me I hope she releases this. The beat just goes so hard and this would be amazing in the club. I just get a feeling she needs to release this!!! Missy Elliot & Eve always just have that chemistry on tracks together.
·      Mama In The Kitchen (Feat Snoop Dogg)
·      Grind or Die – This song is so powerful I love it so much I actually will be adding this to my set, which I will be playing for Birmingham Pride. The song goes hard.

Album Track Listing

1. “EVE” f. Miss Kitty
2. “She Bad Bad”
3. “Make It Out This Town” f. Gabe Saporta
4. “All Night” feat. Propain
5. “Keep Me From You” f. Dawn Richard
6. “Wanna Be” f. Missy Elliott and Nacho
7. “Mama in the Kitchen” f. Snoop Lion
8. “Grind or Die”
9. “Zero Below”
10. “Forgive Me”
11. “Never Gone” f. Chrisette Michele
12. “She Bad Bad (Remix)” f. Pusha T and Juicy J

All the other songs on the album are all cute but these are the songs that stood out for me go get her album on ITunes now! LOVE……. E-V-E

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