BooHoo AW13 Press Day + Mini Makeup Haul

Hey Boo’s so I got the chance to hit up the Boohoo Press Day. It was Boohoo’s AW2013 I think Boohoo have definitely grown as a company and progressed to give women of today amazing clothes with it being so affordable. Not every woman can go and splash on the latest Givenchy blouse or Christopher Kane Jacket. BooHoo just brings edgy and festival chic fashion to everybody for an affordable price.

As I got to Boohoo headquarters, just off oxford street. The lovely team of Boohoo greeted me and told me about there new collection and gave me a lovely sparking glass of Prosecco! Who could say no to that? When I arrived there were already some bloggers there just looking at some of the AW13 pieces and there was also a nail bar if you wanted to get your nails done by Minx Nails. The vibe was really relaxed and after I started mooching at some of there pieces. My only reaction is WOW some of the pieces are so cute especially the gorgeous blue faux fur gilet I seen it was gorgeous and only £69 its so affordable because the gilet looked super expensive. 
 photo DSC01000_zps9ee20272.jpg  photo DSC01001_zps9b2f8232.jpg  photo DSC01002_zps5545fea2.jpg  photo DSC01003_zpse38fc6d6.jpg

I feel in love with some leopard cigarette pants. They were so chic I usually don’t have to look at something 3 times but I just couldn’t take my eyes off these leopard pants they would look mega cute with a blazer and some cute shoes.
 photo DSC01022_zps81f50494.jpg  photo DSC01023_zps0362982b.jpg  photo DSC01024_zps226f0f14.jpg

I had such a good time at the press day. Boohoo really impressed me with some of there AW13 pieces I am loving the black buckled boots and the sheep skin and leather arm look its so cute and this outside would be very chic for autumn.  photo DSC01006_zps6073e852.jpg  photo DSC01009_zpsa99a9e75.jpg

 photo DSC01010_zps6f940e22.jpg
I adored this two piece combo its so damn cute the colour was very rich like a burgundy color and with the gold ensemble detail. I think this would look really nice on like Nicola Roberts or someone with that type of feel to rock this outfit but this outfit was definitely in my top 5.

 photo DSC01011_zps2a330e29.jpg

This top was everything as soon as I seen it I knew I wanted it. It reminds me so much of KTZ but more affordable. I just wished this top wasn't cropped as I would totally rock it with some cute quilted coated jeans.

 photo DSC01012_zpsb5d1d402.jpg
 photo DSC01013_zps70b50c5e.jpg  photo DSC01014_zps1de82168.jpg

As I went down stairs there was some more of there current pieces which I also loved. The pieces were very bright and reminded me of summer and just had that festival chic feel. I was in loved with the washed denim and Aztec jackets there were amazing. Also the bright tribal maxi dresses were also stunning and when I was checking the prices on these  garments I was just so shocked how much they were because again they just look so expensive. These pieces would be amazing to rock to a festival with a nice straw trilby hat or just to the park on a nice warm day.

 photo DSC01018_zps42963af4.jpg

I give a round of applause for this all in one floral jumpsuit its so cute on the right person it would look gorgeous. When I seen it I thought thats a pretty awesome piece but I think it takes a certain type of girl to rock this piece if you dare to be different.
 photo DSC01017_zps5fc4006b.jpg  photo DSC01020_zps1e530c9a.jpg

This was also one of my favourite pieces I love this jumper because its something I would totally ware its bright but also I love the contrast between the black and lime green with the white print. Its very casual but also a statement I love this I just found it on the website I NEED IT ASAP!!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!!! Only £18 that is such a bargain WOW!

 photo DSC01021_zpsa46a64e6.jpg  photo DSC01029_zps761aa96c.jpg

I loved this jumper in the AW13 pieces soon as I seen it I was like Yes!!1 Its a black sweater with lace trimmings on the arms. Its totally versatile you could wear it out or even wear it at work. I love wearing black sometimes and I just loved this sweater because I sometimes find it hard to get a nice black sweater and specially this is a leather look one too its gorgeous. ( BTW Aren't my Nike Milano's gorgeous :)*

 photo DSC01033_zpsb608ff90.jpg  photo DSC01030_zps1339c468.jpg

I really enjoyed the Boohoo event there was so much pieces I didn't get to take pictures off thanks to my camera battery dying. I got to see some familiar bloggers and friendly faces it was nice to attend the Boohoo press day because it made me aware that there is honestly beautiful affordable fashion for everyone.

So today after I finished up at Boohoo I thought I would go into MAC. On my day off I know you think it would be the last place I would want to go to. Literally I was so excited to go ahead and see the new collections that dropped. I wanted to get my hands on Heroine lipstick in the Fashion Sets collection but it had sold out in the first hour when MAC opened in the morning I was so upset but I didnt leave with nothing. I got my hands on the Pro Performance Sponge I,ve seen this all over Instagram its surpose to be amazing to blend cream with and concealers, so im going to be using this and reviewing it for you guys.

 I also picked up the MAC 128 split duo fibre brush its so gorgeous and so soft its the right size to apply highlighter with to the cheekbone. This brush came out with the Extra Dimension collection. I also picked up a Deep Dark Brunette Fluidline as they brought these back with The Art of the Eye collection which I love I cant wait to use these.

 photo DSC01034_zps3729da47.jpg
 photo DSC01039_zps10d6883c.jpg
It was literally so busy today on Carnaby Street because of the Grazia night. I decided to take a detour around and ended up in Illamasqua. I havent been in the store since I recorded Beauty & The Beast for Channel 4 but It was so busy in there and there was a live demo my friend was doing on a model which looked gorgeous. Anyways he used some of this pure pigment on his model in a gorgeous purple color but I decided to get in the color "Ore" its a gorgeous golden color that looks amazing on the cheekbone.
 photo DSC01041_zps4397643b.jpg  photo DSC01042_zps33d6e849.jpg
I really cant wait to try out these products especially the 128 brush with my new Extra Dimension finish in Double Definition.

 photo DSC01045_zpsb7ef007b.jpg

I had to get this sponge to use with the gorgeous Kevin Auccoin concealer. The concealer is brilliant I,ve been meaning to do a video on it. its very full coverage without looking to cakey and its amazing to high light I am going to do a video on this product this week so look out for it guys.

 photo DSC01047_zps350903af.jpg

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