Acne Haul + Givenchy

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So recently I have been on a mad shopping spree so I thought I would blog about it because I always want to blog and never think of anything interesting. I always wanted a statement leather jacket you know the type you could wear in 5 years and no one would care what design or brand it was. I do have an amazing studded jacket but I feel I cant wear that everyday its too much and too striking.

I was on a huge look out I looked everywhere you could think of for an amazing statement jacket. I did pick up a beautiful one in All Saints which is pretty but I then found a gorgeous one I,ve had my eye on in Acne for years. Its beautiful the leather is soft it feels like someone has died to get that skin on the jacket LOL! I decided to go all out I received the beautiful leather Acne jacket and other pieces too check them out

Look how beautiful the leather is on this Acne Gibson Leather Jacket its stunning. I literally cried when I got this WOW. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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I also got the sexual blue College Horn T-shirt I had my eye on for ages its so sexual and super comfy!! CHECK IT OUT HERE

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 I also got  the super cute Besson Striper Pink Stripe Shorts.!!!

Which also came with a matching top I am so excited to wear this combo in Dubai next week MAJOR EXCITED!!!

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I also got the Acne John Joggers. I love wearing joggers you know when you come home and just want to rip off the skinny jeans and just throw on something comfy and light. These are perfect and the fit is to die for!!! * DID I JUST SAY TO DIE FOR?? How Gay h hahha!!!

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After strolling around work looking at Designers I really cant afford I stroll past Givenchy and see the most beautiful shiny glowy clutch. It looked divine I had to have it. I love clutches because when I go out I bring like 2 phones plus brushes and a compact to touch up. I hate putting things in pockets? Its just inviting a pick pocketer to get your shit!!! NO THANK YOU BOOO!!!

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Isnt she stunning? Even though it’s the virgin Mary her new name is Molly! She loves to party!!

Eyebrow Tutorial

Hey guys thought I would make a new Youtube video on my brows. Brows have become such a big statement over the past few years. Everybody is more concerned with their brow shape and how there brows look. Whenever I post a photo on Instagram so many people always ask me about my brows that I thought I would do a video on how I do them. I had to shorten this video down by 10mintues.

It actually takes me around 20-25 minutes to do my brows if I am going out. If I am going to work I try to rush them because I always end up late. My favorite products I use in my Brows is Mac’s Fluidline Dipdown & Embark Eyeshadow. These 2 products are the key to my brows and to seal them off with a nice Studio Finish Concealer in NC45.

On my face I wrapped it up with MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NW45 mixed with N9 Face & Body Foundation then I put Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes and buffed it out  with a 224 Brush then buffed Deep Dark Mineralize Skin Finish all over the face for a flawless finish.

Check out the video rate and subscribe please :)

MAC 224 Brush
MAC 266 Brush
MAC 208 Brush
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NW45
MAC Face & Body N9
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Deep Dark
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

INSTAGRAM; @ThePlasticBoy

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Review

Hey Guys! So today I bought a lush new concealer from NARS! I have always had major love for NARS! Since there Taj Mahal & Exhibit A Blushers. I have never really used any of the foundations and concealers from Nars. I did years ago but wasn’t happy with the concealer I felt it didn’t have enough coverage.

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This concealer is brilliant I put a little on my hand before I purchased it. The texture is so creamy and rich like butter. You can immediately tell its medium to full coverage but wouldn’t be too cakey for the under eye area.

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I put some under my eye I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It feels so smooth and creamy and blends like a dream I used the MAC  224 Brush to blend that baby out. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer comes in many different shades I got “AMANDE” which is 2 shades lighter than my skin tone because I love highlighting my under eye and didn’t feel the need to buy one close to my skintone.

Basically the concealer maybe my new favorite even more than the Pro Longwear Concealer from Mac. I adore the applicator, check out more shades in the Nars ConcealerHERE!!!!

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I'm Back On YouTube

Hey my beautiful people I am back on YouTube I thought I would upload a video to see what the quality would be like once I upload it. The quality turned out great you can also watch this in HD. In this video I am basically just going through my favorite products of the month and explaining what I have been up to this year J Expect a new video this week me trying out the new NARS Concealer.

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Ring: YSL
Jumper: Acne

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