My First DJ Debut + SOS @ East Bloc

So I am making my first DJ Debut @ East Bloc this month for SOS. I am so excited because its usually me dancing to the music being played but this time I will be the one controlling the music LOL. I am going to upload my sound-cloud mix later so you guys can see what’s really going on though =] So many hot DJ’S on the 20th and host’s. I am really excited because Siobhan Bell will be In the house and if you go BUMP @ Brixton Plan B or have been to Cherryade at the Alibi you know she plays the sickest Trap Musiq & Hip Hop so come on down and show your ass how do a cartwheel –x-

Room 1:
THE FUTURE NOW! - Acid-Tongue House • Phuture Bass
Isa GT
Andy Blake

Room 2:
GETTIN DIRTY - UKFunkGay • Queerbash.ment
Suki Bedeaux 
The Plastic Boy
Siobhan Bell

Room 3:
I LOVE THIS SONG - Transthemic Pop • Neurotic Transe
Anton Douglas & David Motta
Chris Murdoch & Matthew Josephs

Mark-Ashley Dupé


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