Beauty and The Beast: Ugly face of prejudice. Channel 4 July 10th 8pm.

Beauty and the Beast

I can’t believe the time is here. The show is officially coming out, I thought I would write this blog before it came out really because I have been major worried just on peoples views about my episode and the show in general. People get so worked up just on the title “beauty and the beast” the title itself doesn’t mean what people think it does both terms “beauty & “beast” come into the show because the person who is addicted to beauty can be considered the beast because of how they act or see other people or themselves and the person with the facial disfigurement can been seen as the real beauty for being so strong and beautiful inside and the outside.

I am major excited for the show to have a release date as so much people were asking me when the show was coming out. The show was originally supposed to come out late August but they moved it forward which was a huge surprise. My episode was originally supposed to be 2nd but now they’ve moved it 1st which is a major shock! I just want people to see the episode and enjoy it and I am major embarrassed and a little cringe worth about certain things I say in the episode because when you have a camera in your face for 15 hours each day you will say something you regret or something just so the day can end faster. The thing with all these dramas and TV documentaries they want drama and juice they want some “spice” I admit they wanted me to a little bit more extra than I was but I couldn’t do that because it wasn’t who I am. Meeting Reggie did change my life he is such a sweet person. Reggie may have a facial disfigurement and may look different to certain people but to me he is just like anyone else. Me and Reggie hit it off the next couple of days of getting to know each other and secretly we both knew the TV company wanted us to not argue with each other but to just not be friends, not have any agreement and just have different views. But that didn’t work did it J

The other thing! Heat magazine printed this WHACK!!!! Piece of shit they must not have watched the episode BASICALLY! The show is about me wanting to enhance my features and they asked me “Gary if you could look like a celebrity who would you look like?” I said “Well I wouldn’t want to look like anyone but I would take little parts from celebs I love I said “Kim Kardashians Cheekbones” & “Naomi Campbell’s Nose” but they failed to mention that bit so HEAT magazine are claiming I’m trying to look like KIM KARDASHIAN…. ERM ARE YOU DUMB? HOW THE FUCK COULD I LOOK LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN. That’s just plain silly.. its like trying to turn a melon into a Range Rover you cant do that shit unless your doing WITCHCRAFT LOL! So I just want to clear I aint trying to have surgery to try and be some tranny failure Kim Kardashian because that made me so angry I told the director to get that point straight how silly of him.

Channel 4 have released an official clip for the episode check it out HERE!

Anyways guys I want you all to enjoy the show its coming on Tuesday 10th July, Channel 4 8pm and then repeated on Channel 4 +1 at 9pm.

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