Its Been So Long

I have not blogged for ages damn!. So much stuff has happened I always say I want to blog more but I seriously am so lazy all I do is sit on my bed have KFC every night and go on TUMBLR till 4am in the morning. I need to get it together I haven’t blogged since April so much has changed since then and the best thing is I have finished my 3 year course at Greenwich. I never thought I would ever say that cause it was so draining when it came to the end but I am so happy. I seriously don’t know what I want to do with my life. I think everybody wants a cool creative job don’t they? But what?  Well I think ill just work for a while and go traveling next year. I am also thinking about doing a mini makeup course during the year so I can proper learn some cool techniques in something I’m really passionate in J

In other news remember ages ago, yonks ago, I filmed for the Channel 4 Beauty and the Beast show well its coming out finally its been like …..7 months how long is that? I could have been pregnant by then HA! Well its coming out 11th of July 8pm on Channel 4 the excitement is CRAZY! So if you’re around watch it J

Anyways I am totally excited for Love Box 2012 this will be the first festival I have ever been to in my life and I cant wait to break my festival virginity I bought some new wellingtons just incase it rains and gets major muddy anyways. Here are some pictures today their pretty random me and my 2 friends Jenny Bang & Omar just chilled and my homegirl does sick nails check her out at she was doing Omars nails why I just casually kept taking photos of myself and posting them on Instagram hahaha follow me @theplasticboy J

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