One of my favourite films... "A Single Man"

A Single Man is visually stunning and just one of those films I can watch again and again. Its also one of the main reasons I found about about Sobranie Cocktails the most beautiful classy cigarettes ever! It has one of my favorite actors in Colin Firth who I adore in The King's Speech :) its weird the film incorporates everything together considering the time era there is fashion, love and heartbreak. Obviously it being  directed by Tom Ford you see a lot of his collection in the movie which I adore. The makeup is amazing especially  Julianne Moore's makeup she kills me in the film she reminds me of one of my friends she is very crazy, relaxed and goes with the flow.

The stunning film is directed by Tom Ford. its amazing if you have not watched it then please do. I bought the soundtrack off I-tunes because the music in the film is so relaxing and there are so amazing hits like Etta James " Stormy Weather' which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!.

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