Ok so I finish University in like a month from today it seems major weird like 3 years have gone so fast. I have learned so much since I have been in London I think I have changed for the best inside and outside. Moving to London was the best descision I have ever made its literally amazing. If i had stayed in Birmingham god knows what would have happended. There are much more amazing opprotunities in London that pass through everyday some I have been blessed with some not. I have had the chance to make some amazing new friends and met some amazingly cool people. Its so scary I am finishing Univeristy which is one of the main reasons I came to London. I was actually thinking to move back to Birmingham but its like so confusing because deep inside I know I would not be happy if I moved back there its like taking 5 steps back and I want to be moving forwards not backwards.  When you finish Uni what do you actually do though.

Some say,

  1. Travel
  2. Work
  3. Try find a job
  4. Extension (Teachers Training etc)
  5. Relax
  6. Party
Well I dont know what to do but I will be doing 1,2,5&6 LOL but I do want to travel but I dont think I will do that till next year now as I would love to save and travel to L.A, California, Thailand and Japan . I cant wait to do all these big things next year because its a huge leap of not having the pressure to hand in any assignments or essays. So I think ive earned the right to enjoy myself its just stressfull as most people I know get stuck in working full time in either retail or something boring they hate and thats one thing I dont want to do I want to do better for myself


Be Brave!!!!!!

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