Beyonce + Cassie In Versace Venetian print silk shirt Who Rocked it ?

I love both Cassie & Beyonce. Cassie is seen rocking the Versace Venetian print silk shirt in the "King Of Hearts Video but Beyonce is seen wearing it recently pictured with her baby blue ivy LOL. The shirt is £745 on Net-a-Porter damn Ive tried this on in Selfridges its like rubbing your skin in butter it feels so good and looks amazing on hmm in Selfridges its £1000!

*Bey Bey does look cute though ;)

Bold Brows: Lavender Lips

So cute I love her brows. The lipstick looks exactly like "Lavender Whip" from MAC's Cremesheen collection

Throwback 90's Versace


Video Girl Crush: Blac Chyna's Black Men's Magazine Shoot

I actually love Blac Chyna I follow her on Twitter and on Facebook she is gorgeous :D and she is also the main chick in Tyga's "Rack City"

Here a sneak peak of her video from her new Black Mens Magazine Shoot!

*Booty Claps!!!

One of my favourite films... "A Single Man"

A Single Man is visually stunning and just one of those films I can watch again and again. Its also one of the main reasons I found about about Sobranie Cocktails the most beautiful classy cigarettes ever! It has one of my favorite actors in Colin Firth who I adore in The King's Speech :) its weird the film incorporates everything together considering the time era there is fashion, love and heartbreak. Obviously it being  directed by Tom Ford you see a lot of his collection in the movie which I adore. The makeup is amazing especially  Julianne Moore's makeup she kills me in the film she reminds me of one of my friends she is very crazy, relaxed and goes with the flow.

The stunning film is directed by Tom Ford. its amazing if you have not watched it then please do. I bought the soundtrack off I-tunes because the music in the film is so relaxing and there are so amazing hits like Etta James " Stormy Weather' which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!.


Ok so I finish University in like a month from today it seems major weird like 3 years have gone so fast. I have learned so much since I have been in London I think I have changed for the best inside and outside. Moving to London was the best descision I have ever made its literally amazing. If i had stayed in Birmingham god knows what would have happended. There are much more amazing opprotunities in London that pass through everyday some I have been blessed with some not. I have had the chance to make some amazing new friends and met some amazingly cool people. Its so scary I am finishing Univeristy which is one of the main reasons I came to London. I was actually thinking to move back to Birmingham but its like so confusing because deep inside I know I would not be happy if I moved back there its like taking 5 steps back and I want to be moving forwards not backwards.  When you finish Uni what do you actually do though.

Some say,

  1. Travel
  2. Work
  3. Try find a job
  4. Extension (Teachers Training etc)
  5. Relax
  6. Party
Well I dont know what to do but I will be doing 1,2,5&6 LOL but I do want to travel but I dont think I will do that till next year now as I would love to save and travel to L.A, California, Thailand and Japan . I cant wait to do all these big things next year because its a huge leap of not having the pressure to hand in any assignments or essays. So I think ive earned the right to enjoy myself its just stressfull as most people I know get stuck in working full time in either retail or something boring they hate and thats one thing I dont want to do I want to do better for myself


Be Brave!!!!!!

My Reality Show Addictions: Basket ball Wives & The Real Housewives of Atlanta

My latest addiction has been indeed Basket Ball Wives & Real Housewives of Atlanta I really got into it last year. Some friends told me about it and I have never watched the Housewives franchise reality TV shows I heard about them before but didn't really keep up with that. Since I,ve been watching both shows I am totally addicted to them so if you dont watch them I ADVISE YOU TO WATCH THEM NOW!. 

This morning  I watched Basket Ball Wives as it doesn't come on in the UK I stream it from Mr World Premiere  Because the quality is just amazing. I had to blog about BBW first off because I am sick to death of Evelyn and the way she always bully's Jennifer its like the bitch is always causing drama. Evelyn is my bitch I love her since the start of the season but it seems since she has come into new money and marrying her athlete she just seems to think she is above everybody and a BOSS bitch. Its like hunny Jennifer had the Birkins and the Bentleys before you Boo Boo, she has the cheek to call Jennifer BOOJI?? it really pisses me off Evelyn seems to always create drama and start throwing bottles and causing a scene but its like Boo? Have u ever punched anyone? or even raised your fist? obviously  NOT!!!!

Evelyn is Whack, it really pissed me off when Evelyn's ghetto assistant Nia whatever her name is decided to get up and slap Jennifer. HOLD UP! why was this bitch even at the game? Why the fuck did she slap Jennifer? Why did Jennifer not see her coming for her ass? + Why the slow reaction? So many questions but if they bitch backhanded me like that I would have sent her dry woodlice beady eyed self back to Harlem. 

Haaaaaa I had to get that off my chest its really annoying me how Evelyn obviously is similar to NeNe Leakes in RHOA but NeNe doesn't do that! she doesn't jump on tables or throw bottles in restaurants because she is a classy bitch FFS! 

Next I have to jump onto the RHOA reunion special OMG if you have not watched then here is the link all I HAVE TO SAY IS NENE kills me everytime she always has a good reaction to say to anyone!

We must not forget NENE IS RICH VERY RICH... BITCH. I am not going to front Sheree did look amazing on the reunion her hair and makeup look amazing more than usual. Nene Looked amazing but Sheree stepped up her game but Sheree hair always looks amazing. It really annoyed me as we all know Nene son got arrested for stealing Razor blades LOL!! in Walmart but why did Sheree bring that shit up in an argument its like Honey you've been saying your going to be building a new house for 3 years now. IT KILLED ME WHEN NENE CALLED THAT SHIT "Neverland" meaning never happening nothing is there lol. Its a shame anyways because rumor is going around that Sheree's contract did not get renewed for the next season WHOMP WHOMP!!!!

WHOMP!!!! VIDEO KILLS ME ALL THE TIME! "I was running to the bank sweet heart!"

On the side note how  gorgeous did Cynthia look though it makes me sad she hardly gets recognized for being on the show she needs to come into her own as a personality. 

In these american reality shows theirs always one who is a boss bitch. Basket ball Wives: Evelyn & RHOA : NeNe

Cant wait for next weeks reunion part 2 when Marlo & Kim got at it HAHAH!


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