My trip to Texas : Beauty & The Beast:Ugly face of Prejdice

The Beginning 

Ok so I have had so much to blog about it was a crazy year but 2011 ended amazingly. I got to visit some amazing destinations and last but not least it ended with me going to Texas! Many people have asked me why I went to Houston, Texas? its a pretty random place to go to just out of curiosity well ill explain now =] it all started early November I got choosen to do a show called Beauty & The Beast and no! its not the damn Disney cartoon! Eveytime I try to explain everyone thinks of that or Beauty & The Geek. Well beauty and the beast came on channel 4 last year sometime the 1st series was ok but this series has changed so much because at first I was a bit reluctant to do it because of the 1st series it was good but just never went up in levels for me but the tv company Betty told me that it has changed and  there is a totally different concept to the last series so I was full on board.

This series investigates the extremes of discrimination. Each episode brings together two people often defined by the way they look: one has a facial disfigurement, the other an intense preoccupation with their appearance. yes basically thats it LOL but I knew all this already but I was so well...... not scared but I have never met anyone with an extreme facial disfigurement well I have seen people on the street and around but never met anyone up and personal so I was excited and a little nervous to see who I was going to be paired with. The amazing thing about this series was that instead of the 1st series were it was all done it London and it some house in west end it was now that a person would come from there town E.G  Texas to basically step into my life for the week and get to know me more and I would go to their home town which was Texas and step into their life for week. it sounded amazing plus I have never been to Houston Texas I have only heard about Texas because Destiny's Child are from there.

So ok we start filming scenes the 1st week of December they come to my student house and film me doing my makeup & my skincare routine & just in general because I sort of had an addiction to buying makeup and stuff like I used to spend big ££££  each month just on Mac, Ysl & Illamasqua and etc but it was cool and we filmed me getting ready but honestly to get ready it takes me like 1 hour 30mins or if im going out on a night our 2hours and 30mins but people ask why so long? but you see I can rush my makeup or even deciding what I am going to wear. The worst thing you can do to me is rush me because I dont like to be rushed at all its just not attractive Ok! I love to blend my base until it looks vanished into my skin and really buff it out I just love to take time like im painting a picture HAHA but on my face ALRIGHTY! 

So going on we filmed me getting ready and other scenes like meeting my friends in Chelsea and genereal chit chat which was really cool. We also filmed me getting my eyebrows done at Richard Ward in Slaone Square its the most beautiful Salon I have ever seen in my life seriously like WOW! then we filmed me walking up and down the Chelsea road which was fun because everybody was staring at me being filmed by a tv crew haha but then it got annoying because it began to ran so much and you know that disgusting damp smell from the pavement it made me feel sick!

its hard to explain what really went down because so much of it happend so long ago and I thought I would share with you all what went down I wish I could show you some of the video but basically Reggie came over from Texas to meet me and basically he seen the way I live my life and how beauty is a big part of my life with makeup and etc and skin care and in the past I have spent silly amounts on makeup and skin care and basically I really wanted some cosmetic surgery and Reggie is against surgery so basically he came over to try change my views on beauty and basically show me theres more to life than trying to look the best and have surgery.

I  really dont want to explain all of it to you but it will be on in a few weeks I will blog about the release date I want you all to see it cause you will see me in a new light and really get to see well a little bit of what I am about.

This saturday if you can buy the The Sun Newspaper because in the TV buzz Magazine there is a interview and photo shoot i done about the show so check it out :)

I have been told I can blog about what really happend and give too much detail but here are some pictures of my Journey all I can say is that I had the most amazing time with Reggie I made a new friend and learned some new lessons on life :)

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