My latest addiction "Ringer"

Ok so a few weeks ago I started watching Ringer I dont think its come on in the UK yet but I watch it online when its uploaded from streaming in America. Its totally amazing like I remember watching every episode in just the space of a day because I kept watching one after another it got addictive. I have never been a massive Sarah Michelle Gellar fan because I was just never into Buffy the vampire slayer or anything she was in but after watching this she makes me want to see more of her stuff its seriously awesome. Every time I try to explain what its about I literally speak a different language its so confusing to explain because you have her twin sister who is wealthy and lives this glamorous life but also having an affair with her best friends husband who she is pregnant for. 

You then have Sarah Michelle Gellar A.K.A Bridget who is on the run because she was on drugs and etc and witnessed a crime of a huge gangster and only she can testify to put him away she basically goes on the run to see her twin sister but they havent spoke in years because she was sort of responsible for the death of her son, LOL see it goes on and on but basically they meet her sister pretends to forgive her they go on some random boat trip Bridget falls asleep and her sister pretends to kill herself then because her wealthy sister never told anyone about her twin Bridget then takes her identity and pretends to be her sister who she thinks is dead. LOL I cant explain anymore just watch it its like trying to describe your day in detail :)

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