Cheap Monday Carnarby St Opening Party

Ok so I forgot to post these pictures ages ago well if you dont know I started working a Cheap Monday P/T so far its been good and its a really cool place to work and when we opened 2 weeks ago friday it was amazing we had a launch party check out some of the pictures.

Major Hair Crush "Ciara"

Ok I love Ciara anyway I think she is so underrated just because she doesn't jump on that whole euro dance track shit she stays true to her roots and still stick slightly to R&B and crunk lol but recently I am just in love with her hair the Ombre but with the heavy blonde at the bottom. Ciara looks gorgeous she needs to bring out a new track because I know she can do better :)

"Naomi Campbell Embraces Tina Turner for V Magazine"

My Favourite Model of all time is working V Magazine Ms. Naomi Campbell she looks amazing.

Styled by Joanne Blades, Miss Campbell strikes a rock 'n roll pose in couture from Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren. Bluemarine and Versace to name a few of the labels featured. 

Naomi channels the iconic singer Tina Turner and does an amazing job at it she looks stunning and to have such a banging body at her age one word "DAMN" girlfriend got her body on LOCKDOWN!

My latest addiction "Ringer"

Ok so a few weeks ago I started watching Ringer I dont think its come on in the UK yet but I watch it online when its uploaded from streaming in America. Its totally amazing like I remember watching every episode in just the space of a day because I kept watching one after another it got addictive. I have never been a massive Sarah Michelle Gellar fan because I was just never into Buffy the vampire slayer or anything she was in but after watching this she makes me want to see more of her stuff its seriously awesome. Every time I try to explain what its about I literally speak a different language its so confusing to explain because you have her twin sister who is wealthy and lives this glamorous life but also having an affair with her best friends husband who she is pregnant for. 

You then have Sarah Michelle Gellar A.K.A Bridget who is on the run because she was on drugs and etc and witnessed a crime of a huge gangster and only she can testify to put him away she basically goes on the run to see her twin sister but they havent spoke in years because she was sort of responsible for the death of her son, LOL see it goes on and on but basically they meet her sister pretends to forgive her they go on some random boat trip Bridget falls asleep and her sister pretends to kill herself then because her wealthy sister never told anyone about her twin Bridget then takes her identity and pretends to be her sister who she thinks is dead. LOL I cant explain anymore just watch it its like trying to describe your day in detail :)

Mac for Beth Ditto Collection for Summer 2012

MAC Cosmetics has signed Beth Ditton to create a limited edition collaboration with products expected to hit counters in June. I am major excited you can expect it to be bright, bold, colourful. 

I am loving Rita Ora's "R.I.P"

I am loving Rita Ora's R.I.P feat Tinie Tempah it does remind me of something else cant quite put my finger on it. Its strange because I think everyone knew who Rita Ora was before she came out just because she was featured on that Craig David song "Wheres the love" I could be wrong but I cant be arsed to check LOL. Rita is a pretty girl I'm glad her song with DJ Fresh went to number 1 I didn't expect it but hey! girlfriend got a hit.

Rita is also rumoured to be dating Rob Kardashian which I find weird I would not put these two together but check out R.I.P anyways :) The track was written by Drake and produced by Chase & Status and the duo Stargate. The track also features a sample from Nigerian-German hip hop/soul singer Nneka

Madonna Performs At The Super Bowl WOW!

Madonna performed at the Superbowl she did a 12minute melody she was amazing the Vogue section and when she performed with LMAO & Nicki Minaj & M.IA. Bitch can shake it damn she looked hot for 50, if when I am 50 and look like that I will be one happy man. I still am not drawn to her song but check the queen wearing Givenchy. WOW,WOW,WOW I loved it seriously check it out via Perez Hilton Player.

Its Time To Rob The Bank: $7,597 Balmain Raccoon Fur Leather Sleeve Jacket

Ok I cant stress how much I wanted this jacket when Kanye West wore it on American Idol while performing with Katy Perry I need this shit in my life but the price tag slaps me in the face like a bitch on crack $7, 597 Er? OKAY! thats like £4805.338 to precise (I used a google Converter) damn this Balmain Raccoon Fur Jacket would give me some serious life. Maybe ill sell all my belongings and just be homeless for it hmmm I can dream cant I :)

Rapper A$AP Rocky x Alexander Wang

I am in love with Amber Rose's "Loaded"

Ok so I was just searching on some music blogs were I seen Amber Rose has released a new song called "Loaded" to be honest I was quite scared to listen to it because my heart didnt quite connect with F-A-M-E but this song is very  cutesy pop it suits her more than that F-A-M-E Foolishness check it x

I need these beauty's in my life :UNDERGROUND FOR MUGLER MEN'S PATENT SHOE

Ok so I seen these beauty's on Oki-ni I see way too many stuff on there which would just break my wallet in half but these Underground for Mugler caught my eye there so cute I need them like now. * Time to rob the bank.

Top Beauty Picks Of The Month!


So its been a while since I have blogged well its been November. A lot has happend since then so I thought I would share some of my top beauty picks of this month.

I have recently purchased the new "Chanel Perfection Lumiere" Foundation its literally amazing a makeup artist told me about this product when I wondered what products Alexandra Burke was using when she appeared on X-Factor he told me he used this new Chanel Foundation P.L but I was confused because everybody knows Chanel dont do dark foundations unless you have an olive skin tone but he then said this was a new foundation which wasnt being released  in the UK till the 13th of January. I went to Texas in Decemember and got some samples from Macy's and the foundation is amazing its got a good coverage + the color  was really good, its not a perfect match it has a red undertone but I mix it with my M.A.C Matchmaker Foundation to get a good colour.  The foundation is semi - matte so if you have really dry skin I would not suggest you buy this. at Selfridges (£36)


This month I also bought something I have wanted for ages and thats the NARS Multiple Stick in "Laguna" NARS Multiple sticks are so lightweight and creamy and just give you the most beautiful glow ever there no point trying to sell them because they sell themselves. I love using these on the brow bone and on my cheekbones I mix Laguna and Palm Beach together sometimes if I want to look really glowly :)


When I was in Texas I got many chances to pop into Sephora so I took over the chance to get some Makeup Forever and got the HD Microfinish Powder its amazing people think its going to be really white but it looks amazing if you are going to be filmed or just in the club it evens out the complextion for a nice glow and bounces the light on the face really well :)d


The Beautiful Lana Del Rey x Vogue 2012

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