Nothing But Love For Mr. J. Scott

Mr Jeremy Scott Always kills me the show backstage looks amazing. Seriously I really cant breathe its too much to take in the thing that got to me the most the MAKEUP sweet Jesus its too much! The makeup looks out of this world the dewy skin, the white eyeliner with a dark shadow on the lid and the nude lips= PERFECTION
These girls be looking on some next level flawless!
I need some of these pieces in my life asap!


Wizy Wiz said...

Did you see the photoshoot of jeremy scott and katy perry?!you ll love it :D

JadoreMrPlastic said...

No babe I aint seen it but ill check it out xxx

FAIZA said...

Great hair extensions & love the colorful eyes!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog...;)

Velvet Moon Diaries

Andrew said...

i love me some jeremy

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