Dont Mess With A Bitch Who Has 5inch Heels!

Daphne Guinness in Natacha Marro shoes
She kills me Bitch is too on point!

I am feeling very random its 3.30am and I cant sleep as I slept earlier today and I am looking at pictures via - StreetFSN
The pictures are too dope!
As I say Never mess with a bitch in 5Inch heels they can do damage.


Wizy Wiz said...

OMG the shoes in the first picture are favorite colour and excellent shape!!!well I would feel a bit dizzy on them but what the hell haha! :D
and also I love the red glasses!!just perfect <3

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm still freezed by Daphne Guinness. what a chic lady! LOVED!
And I don't even have a word that's good enough to describe her shoes, their awesome!


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