Monday Morning Looks

OK so I woke up this morning after finally dozing off I had about 4 hours sleep. I think I have insomnia damn. I woke up at 6.50 to get ready for my 9.00am lecture even if I get up extra early I still end up being late for university well I wasn't late I just love to be at least 30 minutes early so I can walk to Starbucks and walk back with running back to lecture which causes hot fluids to burn my hand. I usually pick out what I am going to wear the night before so I decided to wear my favorite All Saints Denim shirt with my new cute Topman Beanie hat. I am major annoyed this shirt has shrunk in the wash and I am not buying a new one because All Saints have the shirt on their website for like £43 when I got it in sale for £22.50 are they serious?

Check the look out its simple but I only made an effort because I went to central after to smooch around & Job hunt.

I was so tired I wish the sun was shinning in the day because it was quite Grey I couldn't wear my fabulous new Ray Bans don't you love them? I already have the army print & Blue and White Ray Bans but in a smaller frame and another pair in black too I blame Lindsay Lohan for influencing me.


  • Studded Topshop Jacket
  • All Saints Denim Blue Shirt
  • Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans
  • All Saints Suede Flex Boots
  • Uniqlo Grey Socks
  • V.W Earrings
  • Anchor & Skull Necklace's River Island ( I know shocking)
  • Large Ray Ban Wayfarer's


I love my All Saints Flex boots there my favorite pair of boots I have them in Black and Sand they only sell them on the All Saints vintage section on the website you can get these in store unless online they are £75 but I got them on free delivery :)





noura. said...

you're actually amazing.

JadoreMrPlastic said...

Thank you babes

Naomi K ♥ said...

omg, im loving your jacket!! im happy i found your blog :) x

JadoreMrPlastic said...

Your beautiful babes love your blog its amaze :)

maphi said...

ohhhh my you are so cute !!!!! and its so rare to see a guy blogging
i love your blog :) you've just gained a new follower looool xoxo

JadoreMrPlastic said...

thank you babes followed you back love your blog you look so pretty <3

David Diaz said...

I love your style! & Thank you for the sweet comment! I'm now following your blog. : )

: ) David

Andrew said...

great jacket

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