Half Naked With Fur

I forgot to blog about this when I got it few weeks ago at the Greenwich Market which is from Thursdays to Sunday I got a Fox Fur attachment which I thought was cute I haggled it to £20 from £35 the woman must have been crazy but she knew my face anyway so she was cute so its just a quick photo to show you I am scared to wear it though I don't want to be slapped like a woman did in Knights bridge for wearing a Fox around her neck *Sigh



That fat-shionista's wardrobe said...

it looks so freaking alive! hmmm dunno if i could wear it out too but its a fab purchase...maybe you can wear it to like a fantasy party or even a haloweenish sort of thing i guess. but if you do rock it on the streets, pleeease post a pic. thanks for the comment boo...following you right back. by the way, you look fab with no shirt on. lol

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the shock factor, crazy buy!


iUnderEye said...

omg i freaking love it. DEAD!!

Andrew said...

I've actually always wanted a fur with a face! haha

Anonymous said...

omg that is crazy ! but amazing !


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