Charlie Le Mindu Afterparty

Ok so me and some friends attended the Charlie Le Mindu afterparty it was literally amazing and the best interesting party I been to this year. It was based at the porn site location called Babe station. We arrived mega early to avoid disappointment but we got their far to early no one was there except the staff and entourage so we left to get a chic subway ;) We return back to Babe station to expect a huge Que but in the end we get into the after-party to endure free Vodka & Redbull's and dirty electro and dubstep by mr Larry T which was amazing had such a good not to mention the projector screens full of sexy girls masturbating and shoving dildos up each other it was AMAZING to make things better the actual models came to the show party and started shaking their stuff in person check the photos had an amazing night with my friends a night to remember :)


wobblinbetty said...

awww sounds hawt!!

caroline alice said...

i've just found your blog! i love this post & your title design! whos the fabulous lady in the grey coat and tiara?! xcx

Tassos P said...

Woooow, how cool was that party!!!!!!
I'd love to be there. Nice pics, thanks for sharing!!!

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