When The PlasticBoy Arrived In Berlin

Ok so my weekend was different to any other weekend because I visited the beautiful Berlin in Germany with Alex, Leon (Iundereye) & Luke. I flew out from London Stansted at 6am which was crazy because I never slept throughout the night I literally started getting ready at my friend Alex's house from 1.30am in the morning. The flight was like a hour and a few minutes it wasn't that bad all I am saying is we got an amazing deal but Ryanair planes lets just say I didn't feel exactly safe and the staff were so rude. I always say if you dont like your job dont project it out onto other people just leave BITCH! The staff didn't help much when you asked them a question but when your in pain they love it, well basically I have flown before but this flight was different before we landed my ears got blocked and the pressure of the plane made me experience a very harsh neck and ear pain it was awful I felt like I was having a stroke in my neck it wasn't very attractive so I asked one of the Ryanair staff for a gesture which would slow the pain down she smirked as if I had made her day the bitch! but then told me to suck a hard sweet as if they sold any damn! Anyways we landed in Berlin I expected it to be major freezing but it wasn't that cold they did still have snow on the ground but grit had been dropped out. Walking through the airport was weird everything was obviously in German which I cant speak or read but everybody is major different out there
  • The style
  • The food
  • The people
We needed to get a train to Alexanderplatz but it was so confusing we didnt know which train to get because we first of all needed to get a ticket but everything was just so confusing I wont tell you everything what happened in detail because I would be here all night so basically ill break it down. We got to your hostel which was called All In One Hostel which is so clean amazing and very cheap and me, Alex, Leon & Luke unpacked we were so tired because Berlin is an hour ahead of our time it was 8.00am instead of 7am which was confusing a little bit but we all decided to have a little snooze before exploring Berlin and then we all got up and had burgers from some joint near our Hostel which was very nice but Alex felt sick after his burger I ordered my Hawian burger which everybody knows Hawian Burgers are called this because they have pineapple in the burger but I think Alex got the wrong Burger and got some weird Fish burger anyways. We decided to go clubbing that night we didnt know which clubs to go to so we did a little research and decided to go to this club called The Matrix this club wasnt too far from where we was staying but we got to the club after many attempts trying to find it and it wasnt all that to be honest the layout was good but the vibe and the people were very dodgy obviously in Berlin you can smoke in Clubs so it was a bit stuffy as I am used to smoke free clubs in London but anyways the music wasn't even all that all I have to say its Berlin people love:
  • Rihanna - Only girl in the world / Who's that Chick
  • Black eyed Peas - Humps & The time of my life ( Whatever its called)
  • Weird Electro
These songs we heard very frequently lol Luke kept playing Rihanna - Who's that chick in the hostel room so to hear it so many times in a club I felt quite sick. The Matrix was a straight club and the layout was quite cool but the people needed to upgraded into 2011. I don't know the last time I went out and seen people just in plain Nike Tee's or a Diamante vest it really did hurt me.

We left from Matrix because if I am sure it was about 3 euro which isn't much but people there are so nice the bouncer said we could come back in for free if we decided to come back later and believe me this doesn't happen in London its rare you usually have to pay a reentry fee if you leave the club unless your stamped. We looked for a gay club or at least mixed and Alex found out about this club called Berghain Panorama Bar.

Panorama Bar was amazing we had to que up for entry but as soon as we got in I have never seen an amazing club like this in my life the layout, the building, the lights, it was truly amazing I cant believe I was there I have read some reviews online about this bar because I want to go back and everyone is right but we didn't know the club doesn't get hot until about 4am. Me, Leon & Alex partied the night away the club was stylish but it looked like an old All Saints store which was weird we loved it. In the main room it was Electro & Dubstep which is right down my alley they played everything from Ms. Dynamite to Katy B to loads of grime and old school tunes my favorite all time producer was there Rusko this literally made my night. I hope to return back to Berlin very soon there is so much to talk about but I would be here typing all night the clubs are amazing we also went to GMF on the Sunday which was amazing its in this massive complex it reminds me of Circus in London but the club was better and the music was too. Panorama bar was my most of all favorite I hope to go to Berlin again even though we were there for 4 days, I don't know if it's because we were in the wrong part of Berlin but we seemed to run out of things to do.

My trip was amazing I have never laughed so much I went with some very cool cool friends specially Leon he was giving me joke as he says in Berlin which is very true " People love a thin brow" hahahaha I literally pissed myself. People in Berlin we noticed everybody had very thin eyebrows which I didn't. get the style in the part of Berlin we were in, People didn't go hard I didn't see anyone very dressed up or even the slightest amount of fierce. People dressed very plain or just even stared at us a lot sometimes but I didn't have a nice trip even if we ran out of things to do I made the most of it and enjoyed the company I was with for the few days but the only complex I had was the Hostel it was amazing, cheap & cheerful but as I say " There wasn't enough light in the room for a Bitch to do his face!"
Had an amazing time Leon, Luke & Alex *Hugs* check the pictures Below :)

I also visited the Berlin wall which was amazing so inspirational the images just speak to you. It felt amazing to see what artists had portrayed their thoughts on this wall it was so pretty. We also got new tattoo's from the amazing (AKA).

I love mine its so cute its just on the other side of my neck.

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