Nicki Minaj counted down to 2011 on Mansion’s center In KOKON TO ZAI!

Nicki Minaj partied all night to enter 2011 on Mansion’s center stage, and then brought out a large pink and white cake for her hairstylist, Terrence Davidson who is responsible for all of her fierce and crazy looks from her wigs to her makeup. *Aw how sweet she is actually congratulating someone who has contributed to her image you hardly see a lot of stars do this except Lady Gaga :) but I could not help notice her dress and her shoes by KOKON TO ZAI I would not have matched the dress and the shoes myself but I can see how she makes this work I love the puffy leather look on the dress and the BIJOUX BOOTS AW2010 shoes which are also on the website both items are on sale so you Nicki fans are in luck. Nicki wore the
BIJOUX BUSTIER DRESS AW2010 which is one of their best sellers on the website you can cop this for 245.00 pounds which isn't so bad the detail on the buster is very pretty but it some how worked I am usually not a fan of these wigs Nicki wears but I do like this one maybe its the shade of colors when Nicki has so much color on these wigs like she had the full rainbow its too much and too me its trying very hard. check out the pics:)

KOKON TO ZAI has been worn by many celebrities like Lady GaGa & BJORK. KTZ is by Marjan Pejoski graduated from St Martins and has had his own label since 2000. In 2008 Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Besovski aka Sasha B opened Kokon To Zai. Sasha B, who is a DJ and fashion designer, is the designer behind the house label KTZ. Check out there stuff online its amazing very edgy and bright and the Men's stuff is actually to die for I am dribbling.

Nicki's crazy faces kill me to point blank!

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Did Nicki Rock It?


nikkistyle said...

Love her! lol

JadoreMrPlastic said...

she is amazing isnt she :)

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