Barbie Has Arrived In London..... Nicki Minaj!!!!!!

Well there is a first for everything the hot topic rapper Nicki Minaj flew into London today. I know everyone must be going crazy because its Nicki's first time in the Uk she was greeted by fans at Heath row Airport. Hmmm I'm confused I'm sure Heath row Airport is quite a long distance away to go there and wait for her to fly in is just bonkers. I do love me some Nicki Minaj but I am not traveling missions to go see her at an airport there's no need for it. Rumors were that Nicki Minaj is going to hit up the high profile club RUNWAY but she just tweeted that "Ok London! 2moro nite I'm @ OCEANA (18 & up) then RUNWAY (21 & up). Yep! All in the same nite. fri&sat itinerary cmng soon! Cheers! ;-)" So there you have it Nicki Minaj will go to 2 clubs on the same night I think because Runway is an over 21's club & Oceana is for under 21's I am not sure what she is doing because I dont think my girl is even performing I think its a meet & greet session but if she was doing an concert I would certainly hit up one of these clubs. I am not even sure if i will be going to any of these nights I have a bad case of the flu but she sort of dissapointed me when she arrived in London I thought she would have had at least the pink wig on but owell lets hope she goes crazy tomorrow night. P/S I heard some fans even camped out at Heath row airport ... BUT STOP IT! you need to be in your bed what if her flight was canceled im sure you would have felt stupid!

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