|Ms Keri Baby! She got that kind of P**** that will keep you off the streets|

I am Indeed upset I have been waiting to blog about this but just never came round to doing so. What happened to Ms Keri Hilson she just turned all Jacki -O & Khia! on me. I am just surprised lyrics such as "I got that kind of pussy that will keep you off the streets" Oh Keri Keri why did you go down this route I don't get it I'm sure your albums do well? I am sure you work with one the biggest producers in the world? Timberland? You didn't need to do this maybe Cassie did! Maybe Teairra Mari did! I don't know all I know I loved "Pretty Girl Rock" Its like going from a PG to an 18 oh Keri and now you're in clubs claiming that your going to get some "D!ck" tonight. Babe keep that to yourself there is no shame just keep that Sh!t on the low please stop being Khia and comeback.


Why Is JoJo in the video? Why is Dawn in the video? and 3rd of all why is Faith Evans in the video? Why doesn't the video make any sense? Is the video giving women a bad name!

So Many Questions So Little Time Oh Keri!!!!


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