|Illamasqua Purchases|

Yesterday I purchased some little things from Illamasqua. I have recently been using Mac eye shadow "Brun" to do my eyebrows and because the eyeshadow is not matte its actually an Satin it doesn't stay on my brow's for too long so I need to switch it up. I went into Self ridges and approached Illamasqua as I have heard great reviews on their Eyebrow Cake she helped me pick a Color I went for the Color "Thunder" which like like "Brun" but a more defined brown. I told the woman on the counter about my previously luck with my eyebrows staying on for long and she told me to get a sealing gel which makes it stay on for longer and plus you can apply the brows wet and then it dries I tested this yesterday its amazing and truly works the great joys of Illamasqua. I also got a black lipstick which was random in "Pristine" Its matte but some people may say why not go for the Barry M black lipstick?? I didn't go for the Barry M black lipstick because it doesnt stay on the lips for very long and the ingredients in the lipstick don't compare to the Illamasqua lipsticks.

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