Cowards + You Dont Know Me!

I thought I would blog about this seeing as its my personal Blog and because I know the posts feed onto my Facebook I know certain people will see it. I just want to say....

Some people are on my Facebook that truly do not like me and hold a grudge for no reason but these people don't alert me of their grudge but it has come to my attention! Im Not mad! I am not angry I am .... A-M-U-S-E-D because its just very silly we don't speak when we see each other at the same events and we don't hangout so clearly one would ask why are we one Facebook this is because there is a saying "Keep your friends close & Your Enemies Closer! I don't get why your your hating on me because you may have some metallic fake ass ego because all these things you appeared to have done which was about 6 years ago may I say. I am not one to drop names because You did a status about a friend of mine several months ago but you never wrote the initials down it just shows how B.A.D you are people when other people see you doing well or even do things they want to do a certain jealous energy appears because they want to try these things or are just to scared to do it I don't want to brag and say I have haters blah blah blah but as Nicki says "Enough is Enough" I am tired of being the nice guy letting these "shots" pass me its going to be 2010 soon no more nice guy I will start throwing bombs baby but I have bigger and better plans that will probably make these people even more green which isn't a pretty color all I am going to say if you don't like me

  • Don't Follow me on twitter
  • Don't ask me how I get certain jobs and gigs
  • Don't add me on Facebook
  • Don't ask friends where I am out tonight
Because its just being totally Fake ( Not in a good way)


iUnderEye said...

u kill me, its fucking true. you got it down to a tee!


Tammy said...

Love you so much baby :-*

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