The Company Fashion Party

I have not blogged in ages I am so sorry I have been mega busy with University. Anyways yesterday I had the most outrageous with Leon Bent :) (Iunderblog) we attended the Company Fashion Awards Party which was uber cool.

It was based in Milibank Towers on the 28th floor if I can remember going up that lift made my stomach very queazy but as soon as you reach the 28th floor the lift doors open and you see the spectacular view on the london which really makes you think you could see the river & basically all of London.

The party was delightful full of so much friendly people that were all out to enjoy themselves full of refreshing drinks and tasty snacks. I took advantage of the free drinks as this doesn't happen to me quite often the drinks were heaven. The event was sponsored by Malibu my most favourite drink of all time so they did a Malibu cocktail which was like heaven I didn't mind 4 or 5 of them. but break a long story down short the night was fabulous full of friendly people from all over the industry in PR & Styling and Company Magazine staff a truly glamorous start to my week. At the end of the night everyone received a goody bag too which was even more wonderful check it thanks Leon.


Company uploaded the pictures on to their site today check it out and thanks for the comment on the studs :)

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