New Video Blog + Mama Tina Knowles Shines In V Magazine

Beyonce's Mother is Beautiful she is just truly at her age she reminds me of Vanessa Williams but as I say a "Remix" Beyonce looks a lot like her mom in so many ways. Tina Knowles looks amazing in the new issue of V Magazine Wow if you notice in the image it says "Good Lighting Will Take You Far" I can not express how much this statement is true it gives me heartburn because if you have good lighting all the time you will look amazing and it will take you far.

The 56-year-old admitted to once spending a whole paycheck on a suede jumpsuit, but said, “I have worn the same Chanel Jacket for years.” Though she is known for sewing and Designing for Destiny’s Child and now House of Dereon, it seems Beyonce and Solange still offer their mom wardrobe advice. She says, “They are always telling me to experiment with more color…I may be a proud grandmother, but I don’t want to look like one.”

When you see certain celebrities and they look too perfect or just amazing sometimes its the lighting have you ever noticed that when you go into the Self ridges Beauty Hall the lighting is amazing but in Topshop the lights are so dim and a bit weird it just doesnt bring out the best for people's features only some people get this statement Jeez... Anyways..

I decided to do a new video blog im sorry about the quality of my makeup routine it was really bad shame on my mac book * Slaps it hard and Hurts Finger OUUUUCH*

Check My New video out Filmed on my Iphone :)

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