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Hey People I thought I would do a post before X-factor lol ( Hoping Katie Goes*Sighs) Today I thought I would share with everyone what I have in my makeup bag and what I also use to wash my face and Etc. If you look at my previous post's you already know I use "Youth Surge" by Clinque which is amazing by the way so I have just taken Photos of whats in my makeup bag and what face washes I use during my week period. Sunday is such a lazy day I got up today I felt like Vintage shopping but I was just so tired and I didn't even go out last night even though I wanted to but I needed a break as I went out Friday I needed some good old sleep but I ended up going to bed at 6am Dont you just hate when that Happens?

The Products there are so many OK! I will name them all some of you will know them just because there so popular some of them are not so popular Ill start with the makeup first :)

  • The Nars Mutiple Stick - Palm Beach
  • Touche Eclat - Ysl Highlighter
  • Guyliner (Black)
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil
  • Mac Pro Pencil - Pale Yellow
  • Clinque Sample Gloss - Wild Berry
  • Mac Long Wear Lipstick - Till Tomorrow
  • Mac Bronzer - Golden Defined
  • Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Chestnut
  • Disney Mac Collection Matte Blusher in "Darkly My Dear"
  • Mac Eyeshadow "Brun"(Brown)
  • Mac Eyeshadow "Carbon"(Deep Matte Black)
  • Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation "325"
  • Mac Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation
  • Mac Studio Moisture Tint SPF15
  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
  • Mac Blusher "Trace Gold"
  • Mac Select Cover up Concealer nw45
  • Illamasqua Cream Blusher's ( Forgot Names Sorry!)
  • Laura Mercier Cream Bronzer Stick
  • Laura Mercier Highlighting Undereye Powder
  • Mac Contour Powder Shadowy
  • Mac Skunk Brush 168
  • Mac Eye shadow Brush
  • Mac Blending Brush
  • Mac Concealer Brush
Ok there is so much products there which I use on a daily basis I don't use all of them everyday its too much some more than others I don't even use my Nars foundation as much I love Illamasqua with a passion there products are so amazing I dont even have that many I need more of there products in my life because the packaging and the texture is amazing the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation has the best coverage I have ever seen with a liquid foundation if you like quite a full coverage liquid foundation please buy it its amazing even go into one of their counters and try it out because it is amazing you can purchase their products here. Illamasqua Cream Blushers are amazing too I have too sorry I have forgot the names because the labels came off but I got the Nude Coral Pink one for my birthday off my friend and I recently bought the red creamy one myself its really nice on my complexion and it really wakes up my skin on those early cold mornings I walk to University you don't need much just a dab on the finger tips and pat on the cheek area. 2 days ago I recently bought a new product from Nars which is amazing I love it I bought a Multiple stick from NARS called "Palm Beach" the color is amazing it reminds me of NARS Gold body liquid that you can put all over your body but on a stick it's really nice on the cheek bones or on the bridge of the nose or on the eyelids I dabbed some on my cupids bow on my lips to highlight my lips its such a nice product you can check out NARS Mutiple Sticks Here. I use the Eye-Shadows on my eyebrows I mix Brun & Carbon together to get a perfect color for my eyebrows making them not to dark & not to light which is perfect following it up using a sharp Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil there not even expensive and they work like any other eyebrow pencil, I bought an eyebrow pencil from mac in "Spiked" there not even a pencil there like a wax on the eyebrows and they are so expensive + run out very quickly indeed.

The Face washes I use are from Clarins & Kiehls My Kiehls face wash is an energizing face wash it feels so good when I wash my face with this because its like you know that feeling when you brush your teeth and you have that nice minty feeling on your teeth I get the same feeling but just on my face with this Kiehls facewash its truly an amazing product I recommend every guy get this product because literally its amazing and they deliver to I Literally cant leave my house without using this product check it out here +It lasts forever check it out here. I am a big Clarins Fan I have been using Clarins since I was 17 and I have never turned back Clarins has a special place in my heart I have used there Active Facewash for quite a while it removes all the toxins from your face and is made from natural products from plants Clarins is amazing EVERY MAN should have atleast one Clarins product in there bathroom because Clarins has been giving me good results since I was 17 check Clarins out here.

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