Mini ChanelSpell Purchase's + I Love My Clark's

Ok so work was quite dead the other day so I decide to pop into Harrods and just mooch around even thou I dont really like the atmosphere in there but a Krispy Creme donut and change any atmosphere "Yum Yum" But I remember when I was in Selfridges I loved the new Chanel fragrence "Bleu" It smells so nice and I haven't bought myself a new fragrance since my addiction to Armani Code Its so damn beautiful. So I ended up buying "Bleu" I dont know why she gift wrapped it for I never asked her too and I clearly stated it was for me I dont have the time to unwrap two layers of wrapping Im not Marge Simpsons Jesus!

Then I also Ended up going to Chanel and buying a mascara as I hate the cheap Rimmel ones they go really weird after a few weeks but I bought the new Intense Mascara from Chanel which I seen an amazing review from in Gratzia Magazine Hmm I do love it but its just a bit too much I cant explain I like my eyelashes to look groomed but when they say Intense Mascara It really is Intense haha When I come out my house I feel like im in a Loreal Advert hahaha.

Never Mind Both Fabulous Buys for me !

I cant explain how much Love I have for these boots I been wearing them Nonstop. I know some people are not a fan of clarks or even desert boots But I had to have these I seen my friend post them up on her Facebook wall but I had never seen them on the Clarks website I am so lucky because they don't sell these boots in store but when I rang up the store in Oxford Street they had 1 pair which happened to be my size because they sent the wrong size to some guy but yay for me! I love them I didn't know either to get the sand color or Dark Brown but because my other desert boots are sand I thought I may as well get Brown but its not handy to wear them at the moment because there suede and the weather in Britain at the moment makes me sick to my stomach.


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